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Where are humans going? Where did humans come from? Is it matter?

Where are humans going? Where are humans coming from? Is it, or does it, matter?

Caretaker began as a Tim Hay-Edie UCSD student film while he was interning at KBCH RadioTV in Del Mar, California. Anders – Caretaker, has continued on, walking through a complicated world that only knows, or accepts, growing economies by increasing populations – enlarging consumer bases. Hence, tomorrow will pay for today. Oh my, is there a economic realist in the house? Do we understand the biology of overpopulation? And what about this thing we call human nature? Music, vistas, iconic images, thoughtful questions and careful steps across ageless dilemmas. One species’ apocalypse is another species’ opportunity. Catastrophe is man’s concept. Become one with Caretaker and embrace shared sacrifice.

Views from the High Ground and beyond and within.
This is the first of three segments from the Tim Hay-Edie student film that began the Caretaker Era. Along with the film, two KBCH RadioTV episodes were produced: Caretaker- the Video and Film Age. Join Caretaker as he spends a day walking through Modern Evolution.

Enroute to the therapist, it’s a timely concern.
Part two of the Caretaker film starts with the sobering concept of how fast the human population is multiplying. Within the day the climate changes from hot to cold. It is time to get out of the snow.

Does it all end over-looking freeways? There is no free way, he thought.
Segment three of “Caretaker- the Film” ends with waiting for Godot waiting for rush hour.
It starts with a scavenger hunt on the beach. In between Caretaker uses his moral compass.

After years of silence Caretaker speaks out on human nature, how human.
Caretaker reflecting on moments in his pedestrian wake, “stopping is not stopping, going is going”… He says he has not talked for 25 years, but in his social isolation he had lost track of time, it has been 17 years of chosen silence. After all, he is an animal in human skin. And he warns that “franchises are cannibalistic, they eat franchises”.
Music is Pianomomentos from Lava Songs by SonicAtomics.

Expanding populations challenge governance.
Warning: this clip is rated TC because it contains “troublesome concepts”. Caretaker talks about what will be needed – sacrifice, and what to expect from government – nothing. And then there is the concept that more consumers tomorrow will gladly pay for today’s borrowing- sounds like a Ponzi scheme. Music by the Simple Band.

When the Caretaker was a young boy there was less than 3 million humans.
Caretaker learned in elementary school that wildlife populations could collapse, or disappear, from the effects of over-population. He wondered if this could also happen to the human? This segment traces human population milestones from 10,000 BC, when there was one million humans, to a projected 9 billion in 2040.

Some think by 2045 there will be more people over 60 than kids younger than 15.
Caretaker projects his impact on Planet Earth, he hopes to leave a small footprint. The running sub-text starts with the classic Greeks and Romans having a life expectancy of 28 years. It is projected by the year 2020 there will be one billion people over the age of 60. Today the average life span of an American is 78.1 years. We need, and will need, tons of food and tankers full of fresh water to keep the party going.

Some say giving is more fun than receiving. Where are these people?
Can an economy survive without a growing consumer-population base? Caretaker wonders if any economic research tanks are at work on this scenario? Three percent is a magic social number. Three percent of a community behind a social issue can create and shape policy.

And valleys would fill with plastic and skies would reverberate with engine sounds.
Caretaker thinks back to his formative years. He also offers the concept that for every new product there is an equal and opposite product liability. Human nature tends to not seek out possible unintended consequences, especially if the invention can be packaged and marketed.

Sometimes we find ourselves to be but one of many, as Caretaker realizes here.
Caretaker has been told many times that he looks like Anders. Anders has never been told he looks like the Caretaker. Strange. Reflective. Caretaker, in his younger days, chanted “Non-consumers will inherit the Earth”. These days, Caretaker doesn’t chant.

Anders, the humorist, can see into our future when he is not laughing at his past.
Lost Patrol, taped in 1993, riffs on of a newspaper article that announced new trends in mortgage lending practices. It seemed unbelievable to Anders what was being proposed – it could only lead to many folks losing their homes that they couldn’t afford to buy in the first place. 14 years later…

The Caretaker takes us on a low-water garden tour.
The world human nature has known is changing. The future is challenging. The human population is growing, the desire to consume is growing. Frontiers are disappearing. Natural resources are growing scarce. What will we do?

When the Whole Earth Catalog ruled the world of many.
The Caretaker, on this side of the fence, actually this side of the wire, discusses the late 60’s and early 70’s. Expanding consumer and tax bases and greed come to the forefront.

Living without local water
The Caretaker, on this side of the fence, discusses Southern California’s population and local water supplies. He acknowledges that the Southern California region, from Santa Barbara to Tijuana, includes over 30 million people and that local water supplies, in a good water year, could support some 800,000 people.

Caretaker's professional career began protecting the Big Sur coastline from Aliens.

Caretaker promotes the concept of migration as a human experience.

It was here that Anders understood that the Aliens had a sense of humanness.

Tim on top of Mt. Helix shooting eastward at prayer hour.

The detail of pre-production pays off with the call of action!

Tim discovered subtle moving reflections of man in his camera lens.

It is hard to work with animals and doll domes.

Where there is light there is image is hard to explain to a petulant doll head.

Denver, Animal, Sam, and Anders Simple - the Simple brothers- play Simple music..

Music is more than music, it is “music”.

Animal finds music everywhere. All he needs is his body. We are talking Simple.

Keeping the beat is a worthy tradition to keep.

Anders says he is a direct descendant of the cave painter and drummer.

Welcome to the world of Caretaker. More is coming.

It is with compassion that Caretaker talks of dark things.

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