Anders Tomlinson … a helping spirit fulfilling community needs: impacts and reflections.

Short but Powerful
“Prior to oral testimony I presented a short but powerful documentary on the impacts of the ”2001 Water Crisis.” Less than 2 months later we received 15 million dollars in disaster relief from the State of California. Because of remarks by several committee members I know that Anders’ film was most influential.”
Deb Crisp, Chairwoman Klamath River Compact

Key to the Future
“For our museum alone, he has worked with us to create volumes of data including video interviews with local people recalling history significant to our region. Anders edited selected interview segments for our museum’s audio tape tour. His work may hold the key to our region’s future.”
Cindy Wright, Former CEO Tulelake – Butte Valley Fairgrounds

For a Better Tomorrow
Multi-faceted in his daily life, Anders contributed in several ways towards the “volcano to volcano” realization of the Volcanic Legacy All-American Road. Even as Anders writes his own story, ‘one grain of sand becomes a topographical rendering of a distant solar system,’ he understands human emotion, ‘the world would be a better place if man understood that sorrow is universal.’ As Anders writes his own story, he writes it for us all. With thoughtful, illustrated teaching, Anders will reveal strategies for a better tomorrow.”
Christina Lilenthal, Former Byway Coordinator of the Volcanic Legacy All-American Road

Reaching for Handkerchiefs
Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Portland.
“The images were so compelling and presented with such feeling that when the lights went up, many people were reaching for handkerchiefs to wipe away their tears of emotion. Throughout the remainder of the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, attendees kept stopping the Klamath delegation to tell them they had no idea there was such beauty and opportunity in Klamath County.”
Pat McMillian, Former Director of Klamath County Museum and Tourism

Responses to Issues
“When completely organized and described, this collection will present a visual and audio database documenting life in a rural area of America at the turn of the twenty first century and beyond, presenting both individual and community responses to issues, such as water use, that are shared by many communities worldwide.”
Ann Hiller Clark, Shaw Librarian

Under His Wing
“From 2001 to 2003 Anders worked with two Tulelake High School students designing a new high school web page, taking them under his wing and sharing his wealth of knowledge in visual arts, photography, technology and wildlife. Patiently, he shared his world of expertise and opened up theirs to ideas and concepts that changed their lives. Both are currently in college, one majoring in history and the other plans to become a teacher.”
Sharon Molder, Teacher, Tulelake High School

Productions of Stunning Clarity
Anders has the rare talent of mixing highly factual and detailed information and moulding it into a production of stunning visual clarity. Anders main asset, in my view, is his determination to get the job done and to do it well. Anders has accumulated the Upper klamath Basin’s most extensive library of stills and video. Over a 13 year period, he has been entirely devoted to documenting all aspects of the human, natural and cultural richness of the Upper Klamath basin watershed.
Dave Menke, Outdoor Recreational Planner,
Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Captured the Essence
“Anders has great ideas and is willing to share those ideas without hesitation. We are grateful for his contribution because he captured the essence of unity in the cover design. Our community has benefited countless times from his vision and contributions of videos, photographs, poetry and presentations on various community projects.”
Linda L. Woodley, Project Lead – Try Unity

Turned a Negative Into a Positive
Oregon Governor Tourism Conference in Coos Bay
“Your creativity and professional knowledge turned a negative into a positive. You were so right. The presentation had tremendous power. Julie Curtis, assistant Oregon Tourism Director, told me that when our group started walking through the crowd to become a living tableau of Klamath County tourism framing the screen of an unforgettable video, she got goose bumps.”
Pat McMillian, Former Klamath County Museum and Tourism Director

Ingrained Into Our Memories
“The 35th Annual Mid-Pacific Water Users Conference concluded with another Anders Tomlinson film. The images created in the minds of those of us viewing the film will ever be ingrained into our memories. Comments made after the presentation included, ‘this film is what everyone will remember about this conference’ and ‘you folks from the Klamath Basin are an example for all of us fighting to strengthen and protect American farmers and ranchers.”
Deb Crisp, Chairwoman, Klamath River Compact

Apex of Possibilities
“Since 1995 he has been photographing people and places along the Volcanic Legacy All American road. He has made himself available to bridge important gaps where his skills were needed as a coach, choreographer, graphic artist, photographer, storyteller, journalist, philosopher and friend. Anders is a true multi-media translator of contemporary life and times of our great region. He lives his daily life pushing toward the apex of possibilities. He leads others, through example, to reach their own personal achievements.”
Christina Lilenthal, Former Volcanic Legacy All-American Road Coordinator

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