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Merrill, Oregon

A Town Born of Determination and Visions Of Things That Could Be Merrill, Oregon is at the northwest corner of the Tule Lake Basin and a mile north of the California border. Oregon Route 39, and the fabled Lost River, … Continue reading

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Petroglyph Point

We are looking at an island in time and geography… 41°50′50″N 121°23′21″W – Petroglyph Point The photo above is taken from the Peninsula-Castle Rock and looks southeast towards the Warner Mountains. The inset photo is taken from Sheepy Ridge looking … Continue reading

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Tulelake, California

Looking At Tulelake From Across The Lost River On Christmas Day – The City of Tulelake, California is a young city. It sits on land in Siskiyou County, just south of the Oregon border, that was reclaimed from Tule Lake … Continue reading

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Reclamation History

How it all began – Private water projects began in 1868. A small irrigation ditch was dug near Linkville, and by 1884 it had been widened and extended for 15 miles, irrigating 16,000 acres. Water power for early saw mills … Continue reading

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