2012 projects

The dominate media project was the developlment of AndersTomlinson.com. where there is much to done and continues. Video projects included three new Art Talk Talks Art films being started and two other films wnent into new post-production work. Lava Songs, by SonicAtomics, was packaged and promotional copies are being distributed.

Marc Gould’s Mesmerize Yourself Revisted … 1-14-12, in progress

Marc Gould working in his studio.  Scene from Art Talk Talks Art Mesmerize Yourself.  Photo by Noah Gould.

Marc Gould steps in for a closer look at what he is working on.

AndersTomlinson.com … started 3-05-12, in progress

header for anderstomlinson.com

This site links all of Anders Tomlinson websites and assorted projects.

Anders began creating anderstomlinson.com so there would be one portal that connects artfeats.com, alamos-sonora-mexico.com, moviefeats.com, tule-lake.com and all his vimeo channels. So much to see, so much to share.

header for sonics on anderstomlinson.com

Sonics begins with a presentation of the Lava Songs project.

Sonics promotes the collaboration of Denver Clay tunes – Dr. D Ditties, the Simple Band and urban and rural environmental audio recordings all mixed together by Anders Tomlinson. This is the beginning to what will become another website, SonicAtomics.com and AtomicSonics.com. Stayed tuned for more information. You can’t see everything you hear.

Header for anderstomlinson.com's Vimeo channels connection.  Photo By Barry Fitzsimmons.

Anders in the field filming KBCH RadioTV's satire The Doll Domes.

The video page on AndersTomlinson.com connects to all of his Vimeo Channels.

One of many headers in AndersTomlinson.com's  Watershed section.

2001 was a year that didn't need to be for the Klamath Reclamation Project.

This is one of many pages in progress on the Watershed section of AndersTomlinson.com.
This project was a 13 year effort focused on the Upper Klamath Basin between Crater Lake to the north and Lava Beds National Monument to the south. It also takes several tours of the immense Klamath River Watershed. Human Nature and natural resource management in action, or inaction. These are stories that need to be shared, they speak of today and tomorrow.

An Agave Century Plant blooming in the front yard … photo project underway

Agave Century Plant in blooming process, San Diego, CA.  Photos by Anders Tomlinson

All one can do is admire the energy of a blooming-dying mother plant.

In two weeks the flower has grown twice in height and articulations on the spire probably indicate where flowers or flowering branches will emerge. To see more of this project visit Century Plant.

Like Farther Like Son … channel started 7-7-12.

artenemys channel started on vimeo.

Working on something going where there are no rules, just interest.

Father and son, Marc and Noah Gould, are featured on the newest Art Talk Talks Art channel. Music by the Aptosians. Filmed and edited by Anders Tomlinson. Includes Dina Scoppettone observations of two ArtEnemy paintings: Cactus Bride and Armadillo Cantina.
To see more visit Meet the ArtEnemys.

Rhythm Tour Breaks Out … 8-27-12.

Bob Ganey American Tourist does the things he does for all to see.

Bob Ganey American Tourist hosts a Rhythm Tour! Paparazzi allowed. A passport to frivolity. Music without a Net. Grab some drumsticks and join in the fun. A film by Anders Tomlinson and Robert Ganey. Produced by Robert Ganey and Anders Tomlinson. Vist Vimeo and enjoy Rhythm Tours.

Harmony Lost?: a modern story … 8-24-12.

First came the roads followed by banking and unintended consequences.

Robert Ganey, song writer-performer, shares personal moments as we walk through his neighborhood straddling the line in time between rural America and modern urbanization-suburbization. Bob appears in many roles: American Tourist, Environmental Watch Dog, Pig Man Bob and Concerned Neighbor. Three of his songs are featured: Growing Taller, Together We Can Make a Difference and Mother Nature’s Lament. Visit Vimeo to see Harmony Lost? in progress.

Vascular Triptych … 10-3-12, in progress

Vascular Triptych.  painting by Anders Tomlinson, 3 panels each 48 x 24 inches, acrylics on masonite.  Photos by Anders Tomlinson.

In the studio again, 3 panels each 48 x 24 inches, acrylics on masonite.

Vascular Triptych is an excellent example of the Anders approach to his work. In 1994, after 5 years of painting, he dropped these off with a friend for safe keeping. Anders knew that he would come back for them and finish them. !8 years later, he picked up the three panels and brought them back to the studio. In the coming weeks he will thoroughly document each painting. The next step will be to sand down the protective finish coats. And then the painting will begin, as if in a dream, Anders will find himself working with a painter 20 years younger.

Meeting of the Voids … 11-4-12, in progress

Meeting of the Voids, paintings by Anders Tomlinson, 18 x 48 inches, acrylics-watercolor paper.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

Hemispheres unite for one and all, 18 x 48 inches, acrylics-watercolor paper.

This two panel image begins a series of art-printed reflections.

Alamos Slideshows …. 12-25-12, in progress

alamos sonora mexico. photo by Anders Tomlinson.

The next phase of cinematic post-production is under way.

Anders has started to produce motion-controlled slideshows that are mixed with Camino Songs from SonicAtomics. Visit Alamos in color and sound to see more.

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