Endgame Painting

The Journey Continues On like Magic.

There comes a time that the finishing process begins for each of the boards that Anders has started over the years. Currently there are less than 100 such art works.
This group began in 1988 and progressed through 1995. They are the first paintings that applied texture pressure upon texture pressure to create interlocking patterns.
Another first was the textures were applied in large shapes. The results shimmer, much like music, in the power of contrary motions. Here are the four boards coming home to the finish line, it is not a race nor a destination, it is simply what has happened for multiple reasons.

Rooted in early Modern Art.

Whale and Fish, 24 x 48 inches, promises promise, acrylics.

Texture, Movement, Statement, Shadow and Highlights.

Tilt is not certain of its proper orientation, 24 x 48 inches, acrylics.

Simple in its Complexity.

Balance Two is another work unsure of up and down, 24 x 48 inches, acrylics.

Shaping, Coloring, Advancing and Retreating.

One of 16 paintings, Profiles, 24 x 48 inches, is nearing completion, acrylics.

The Endgame Begins

Since 1995 these paintings have been stored in a dry, cool dark space. They have always been in my mind. Now they are moving onto the finishing table. The process begins with a detailed photo study of each painting before I gently sand down their protective finish coats, the goal is to break the coat and not reach the painting surface.

Looking Through the Surface at the Future

These details allow Anders to study the painting area by area.

Where to Start and Why?

The strength of these works are texture, line and composition.

How to Enhance Colors and Mood?

Color strategy becomes a focus.

The Long Awaited Moment has Arrived.

The photographic details of the painting gives Anders the ability to study sections as if they were paintings unto themselves. These details may also be used in an animated film of the painting as it progresses. It is quickly apparent that the textures are unique and enticing. Now, the task at hand is to inventory the painting’s strengths and weaknesses. The goal is always to enhance original intention with the skills and life experience gained since last working on this piece. Another important goal is not to over paint an area that is for all practical purposes complete. Taking time looking, understanding and exploring will pay off. Anders will think back to the moments these paintings began. This series came at a time when he was spending time in desert and semi-arid landscapes.

After careful consideration the determined weakness is the lack of shadow and highlight. This is where the next steps will begin. Pop shapes, contrast, recede, advance and establish dark points for visual movement. Bring the paintings home Anders, bring the painting home.

6-15-10, The first of two final passes.

These four paintings have had their first protective work coat applied and photographed before being sanded for the last time. These paintings are being finished as the world understands the consequences of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
This has influenced the reading of these works, and their names.

Whales When the Ocean Left … 6-15-10, nearing completion.

Looking Into the Future … 6-15-10, nearing completion.

The depiction of a bird in a complex setting reflects wildlife's vulnerabilities.

Two Birds … 6-15-10, nearing completion.

Two birds has switched its orientation 180 degrees.

Looking at the Past … 6-15-10, nearing completion.

The figure silhouette becomes the face of a bird.

Where to now?

The next pass will focus on highlights and shadows. Compositional threads and pathways will be enhanced, added and emphasized. These paintings are not value judgments of the oil disaster. They recognize wildlife as spectators effected by the interactions of other species. At any moment, a toll may ring out across the habitats. Some will pay a mortal price and others will watch. And history will have another footnote and reference point in time.

And then they were done…

Two Birds … completed 6-25-10.

A simple painting, a simple song, 24 x 48 inches, acrylics.

Whales When the Oceans Left … completed 6-25-10.

This work pays homage to the modern art movement, 24 x 48 inches, acrylics.

Looking Through the Past … completed 6-25-10.

Started in 1983, this 24 x 48 inch board, has seen moments of action and sleep, acrylics.

Looking Behind the Future … completed 7-01-10.

A four part salute to interconnected species is complete, 24 x 48 inches, acrylics.

©2010 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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