Life in Lavaland

Back when Tomorrow wasn’t even a concept.

Every moment is multiple opportunities flashing by in all directions and all dimensions.
An observant mind is lucky to recognize one a day while some souls fail to embrace a single moment of modern times in their entire existence. No one said life was fair. We can not run, short of suicide or disabling addiction, from enveloping events. There is no where to go but inward. And inward is a trek higher than the highest mountain and deeper than the deepest sea. One can only imagine life at the water’s edge in Lavaland.

Lavaland changed with the seasons and each passing era.

In the biggest picture, not only species come and go, but so do lands . Continents rise and fall. Lakes appear and disappear. Lavaland was, and is, such a place. Here, Lava Dogs hunted and gathered. Here, Lava Dogs were their music and their own legends Here, Lava Dogs bred, raised little Lava Dogs, aged and died.

Blood, Scout and Yellow Chin were the first Dogs to lose their fears of shadows.

Habits are not habitats.

Lava Dogs moved with the ease of restless tectonic plates. They came with summer snow melts and left driven by low winter sun angles. Habitat in this brittle biosphere was where they camped. Carcasses were coins of the realm. Bones were bog cleaned and traded as jewelry along with strings of decorated dung.

Pre-historic Lava Dogs were light blind. They had elaborate fake eyes that would eventually evolve into functioning image capture cells. Their double faces, mood-shifting anatomical features, with multiple eyes and mouths, real and fake, protected them from unfocused intruders.

Destiny, Philosphy and Individualism were Dancers that made a difference.

As eras and histories passed by, Lava Dogs splintered into ten semi-distinct nomadic clans whose territories were separated by natural, and philosophic, barriers. Every decade, roughly two breeding cycles, Lava Dogs came together at the foot of Hotel Promontory. These conventions came to an end when efficient predators from the east began settling on the ridges overlooking Lavaland. The days of Lava Dog dominance were waning.

Storm clouds, like crazy seas, came and went with the winds.

Recently, hundreds of Lava Dog mummies, dating back 18,000 breeding cycles, were found in the Northern Wetlands. Scientists have theorized Lava Dogs began a survival migration to the north as Lavaland turned poisonous for all air breathing creatures. All available food became contaminated. Windstorms conquered adaptation. The Lava Dogs northward journey took 1,000 breeding cycles. They traveled during a relatively long period of favorable weather. Soon after Lava Dogs reached the wetlands the weather turned deadly cold. There was no place for the Lava Dogs to go. And that was it for Lava Dogs.

Fire was an element in Lavaland that all creatures respected or perished.

Lavaland is still here, the creatures have changed and humans have arrived. There are no stoplights in Lavaland. And here a critter is a critter is a critter…

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Lava Dogs and Dancers Press Conference

These are excerpts from an awkward interview with Anders. He reluctantly revealed background on the Lava Dogs and Dancers. He left questioning the validity of media.

Did the Dogs eat a lot?
They consumed what was available. They spent very little time preparing meals.  They ate what nature provided, as nature presented it, or as they were fond of grunting, “as nature intended“.

This was the last of the Lava Dogs and Dancers. Evolution has a nasty temper when provoked.

What did they eat?
They had an excellant overview of meals from up high on their food chain perch. As late as 12,000 breeding cycles ago, there were no safe ways when it came to food handling. Food was not a pleasure, it was necessity.  Worms, mammals, birds, and fish were all eaten with the same purpose- survival. At times, contaminated food killed the eater. There were no convenient coffee shops in the days of way back when.

Did Dancers receive social callers?
Lava Dancers to you!  All the worlds, and all the dimensions, came calling on the Lava Dancers. any, and all, specie made it’s peace, if possible, with the Lava Dogs and Dancers. The Dogs negotiated physical safety before they would allow any interaction.  The Dancers offered visitors, no matter their species, spiritual healing and vitality.  And then things evolved like things are prone to do and the landscape changed as did the Lava Dancers.

Yellow Chin was willing to run and lose territory if it would avoid bloodshed.

How did they evolve?
12,000 breedings cycles from now, your question will provide insight on who, and what you really were.  It will not be flattering. Evolution is not meant to be discussed by mortals, especially media types like yourself.

What kind of music did the dancers dance to?
Dancers didn’t dance, they be and be. They were survival spirits that made dance dance.

Juggler, who had a loving heart, proves looks don't always tell the truth.

Did Dancers and Dogs get along?      
This is a pedestrian question, that requires looking at their relationship with a needed distance. From there, in the silent winds, you can not tell a Dog from a Dancer. And do not tell me that isn’t an answer. It’s the universal answer for all unfounded questions.

What is the age of the oldest Dancer?
Lava Dancers never died they just influenced destiny until destiny took a road unchosen.

What is the age of the youngest Dancer?
Lava Dancers are not creatures. They take on shifting forms in an artistic imagination-dream.  The rub is… what do forces that drive moods look like? Mull that over a couple of times. It would be easier to answer how young are jet streams-dreams?  That would be easy because we don’t know.

Salvador Dali, three breeding cycles ago, said ” the one thing that is impossible to avoid is being a modern man.” Do you feel his melting message?

Homo Dog never reached other Dogs' projections of his potentials.

How did you find the first Dancer?
While visiting an used book store in Chiloquin, Oregon. It came to me in a rich-hard trance spanning two rivers and one one-hundredth of a breeding cycle.  And from that point on, my life and the Lava Dogs and Dancers became intertwined, one and the same like money, greed and power.

Are the Dogs purebreds?   
Ah, finally you ask about Dogs. Lava Dogs were an element of instability. It is their bones washing up in the tides.  They were born. They reproduced. They aged. They died. They were clans before there were nations. Lava Dogs were representational nature. Lava Dancers were manifested spirit.

How do you see the role of both The Dogs and The Dancers?
You must be joking. The joke is on you. You are the joke. Get over the meaning of things. Get into the “it” of it.

Sister Blue Nose's nosey nature navigated from controversy. candy and cartoons.

Did they hope to be internet stars?
Hope, now there’s a concept that has had it’s day. What is an internet star?   Where do all the internet stars go?  I toy with you because you let me. You are the puppet and I’m the string.

If so, why?
And yet you persist. Why don’t you ask yourself “why ask why?” When you have an answer, call me, and we will carry on like it is tomorrow.

©2010 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.