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Overwhelms Us and Make Us Crazy

Geese, birds, nature… The Soundtrack of Life. The universe is made of vibration.
The world we live in is filled with musical sound / soundful music. Within it we
find all the elements of what we generally consider to be music. Rhythm and counter
rhythm, melody and counterpoint, a tonal center, harmony and dissonance, tension and
release, dynamics- loud or whispering, densely orchestrated and layered or elemental
and simple. And on and on.

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Diggins 3:42

Diggins is the latest in a series of Dirt Brothers’ Sonic Succulents featuring Denver Clay and Anders Tomlinson. This is a working video mix. Down the line a sonicphonic mix will be produced in Denver’s studio. The mix in this video was constructed in Anders’ studio. The imagery is taken from recent Sonic Succulent videos: A Modern River, Native Dancing, In-Dig-Enous Monsoon, Mystic Hoedown and Perpetual Hope. Imagery includes paintings by Anders along with his photos of Techno – Álamos, Sonora, Mexico – Mission Valley and the Civita project – as well as Allied Gardens’ water smart front yard.
Music performance and direction: Denver Clay. Video performance and direction: Anders Tomlinson. 
©2015 Anders Tomlinson and Denver Clay, all rights reserved.

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dirt brothers, sonicatomics

anders tomlinson, denver clay, dirt brothers, sonicatomics

They journey into realms that need no explanations.

SonicAtomics starts with the simplest of elements and begins building.

Denver Clay was KBCH TV musical director from Once Upon a Tide on.

Denver Creating

Denver Clay contemplates during a break in recording at A KBCH RadioTV - Simple Band shoot at the Stray Potato Tavern.

Denver Clay contemplates the universe from behind his keyboards.

Denver Clay, composer and performing artist

Denver Clay recording audio details at Harriman Springs on Pelican Bay off of Upper Klamath Lake in Rocky Point, Oregon.  Photos by Anders Tomlinson.

Denver, at one with the moment, records Harriman Springs audio.

Nature recordings is all about being threre.

Denver Clay and Anders Tomlinson after painting a windmill in an urban setting.

Denver and Anders: urban windmill painters ride off into the night.

All in a Day.

Denver, Animal, Sam, and Anders Simple – the Simple brothers- play Simple music..

Music is more than music, it is “music”.

Animal finds music everywhere. All he needs is his body. We are talking Simple.

Keeping the beat is a worthy tradition to keep.

Anders says he is a direct descendant of the cave painter and drummer.

©2015 SonicAtomics, Anders Tominson and Denver Clay, all rights reserved.

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