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Anders recommends visiting his Environmentalism paintings and Balancing elements

Anders is who Anders is, a direct descendent of the cave painter and drummer.
As he creates objects and formats he is one with all times, people and places.

Featured Painting …Natural Jester … completed 12-8-17.

Natural Jester, painting by Anders Tomlinson, acrylics/mixed media paper, 24 x 18 inches.  started 6-2015, completed 12-2017, ©2017 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

After the storm passed over the land and sea another waited in the wings.

To see more from this large series visit The After the Fires and Floods

2011… In the paint studio, works in progressed and finished during 2011.
2010… Anders paintings finished during 2010. A year in progress and detailed review.
Anders Paints… Insight into the Anders paint process and creative journey.
Galleries… Selected collections of Anders work by groups and series.
Lava Dogs & Dancers… Stars, along with their habitat, of the Elemental film.
About… Information on Anders and coming Art Talk Talks Art films.

Mesmerize!… Video clips from a film of Marc Gould working and thinking.
Elemental… Video clips of Anders working on Lava Dogs and Dancers
and opening night at their first public exhibition.
KBCH… Video clips from three KBCH RadioTV episodes, fun with human nature.
Caretaker… Video clips of Anders contemplating migrating populations and….
Dirt… Video clips of PigMan and friends wallowing in “big deal” reality.
Animate… Video clips of Anders evolving animations, one step closer to his dream.

Inside The Process Looking Out

Ascension is one of 22 paintings in the Deep series, 31 x 30 inches, 2003 – 09, acrylics.

Anders has painted in relative seclusion for 40 years and few have seen his work in person. celebrates his accumulated body of work, over 3,000 paintings. Also showcased
here are Art Talk Talks Art films featuring Anders and other artists’ creative process.
Creativity is a special place that all can enter, but few do.

Process is the major commitment of Anders’ life. There is always something to contemplate,
envision, do and finish. He practices style and substance in disciplined solitude.
He travels a road that comes from within, driven by a need he need not understand
or justify. The paintings must speak for themselves. The question is, will they have
opportunities to be heard?

Cosmic Tour Guide

Anders is a cosmic tour guide creating marks for others to decipher.
The many varied poetic readings of his paintings fascinate Anders. He is always
in agreement with the observer’s conceptual ownership. He leaves images,
and viewers give back dreams that tickle his funny bone. Why would he argue?

Anders enjoys the moment working on Scout, 40 x 30 inches.
photo-Cesar Espinozaa

At times viewers feel a need to approach his paintings and reach out as if their
fingers will sense where “there” is. Artists appreciate Anders’ unique techniques
and on several occasions have asked if they are seeing what they think they are seeing.
He assumes they are, and nods yes. He accepts the world. It is what it is.
Anders embraces the unknown. Not all questions need to be answered. In this spirit
Anders paintings grow. Subject, composition, color and mood evolve through subconscious
conversations embellished with experience gained over passing time. By analyzing photos
of works in progress, the process is further enhanced, and Anders discovers the next
course of action. This modus operandi allows each painting to become an animated
film of its own creation. Anders is a direct descendent of the cave painter and drummer,
a traveler on the third stone from the sun and a simple soul in a complex world,
but aren’t we all?

anders painting vidoes

Some Children Go to Sleep Paint-less.
Anders paints with spirit and determination. Here, mistakes can’t be anything
other than opportunities. Gob Patrol is a window into his creative soul. Music
is from Float Me, a selection from the Lava Songs by SonicAtomics.
It is time for Anders to paint the way he knows how to paint, the Anders way.
Do try this at home but make sure you have a drop cloth.

There is too much paint. Time to start diluting.
Let no paint go to waste. Let no paint dry before its time. Take control
of the paint and movewith confidence, Become Nature. Become the laws
of the Universe. And so goes the second phase of Gob Patrol.
Music continues with Float Me, a selection from Lava Songs by SonicAtomics.

©2013 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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