The Message is the Medium is the Moment

Anders takes pride in converting a blank moment into an expressive encounter.

Anders Tomlinson is a complex and complete artist that merges different creative disciplines into story telling. Working freely with painting, graphic art, sound, video, photography, words and a curious nature Anders explores process. To communicate becomes the art form.

Contemplating future developments.

His paintings communicate with Anders. They suggest, cajole and inspire.

If you wish to contact Anders Tomlinson about his art, or art films, send an email to tule-lake.com.

It is Anders Tomlinson’s goal to have his work shown. There are many groups that are complete and ready for exhibition. If a gallery was interested in a particular group, such as Recycles or Cosmic Migrations, Anders would sand their finish coats and take one last pass.

Welcome to the Anders process that can span decades with a single brush stroke.

A rare moment with an empty workbench, and the studio on his weekly finish-coat-day.

Welcome to his work bench.
A typical week will have at least twelve paintings in progress. Anders averages two to three completed paintings a week. See Anders Paints for more background on his paint process.

Visit Anders at work in his studio and see the 2010 art and 2011 art he finished. These were very good years.

Anders filming Aliens from the Planet Serious at the feet of a Naked Shiva.
photo-Gary Ruble

The art films of Anders Tomlinson have been in progress since 2000.
Art Talk Talks Art is a series featuring artists who have collaborated with Anders on several projects. Their working relationships span decades. Artists include Marc Gould, Anders,
Gary Ruble, Bob Ganey, Claysonics, the Mad Dogs, Doctor Dirt and Pig Man.

A series of films documenting artists skilled at creating visual images, music and humor.

Caretaker is More than Less

Where are humans going? Where did humans come from? Is it matter?

Where are humans going? Where did humans come from? Is it, or does it, matter?

Caretaker began as a Tim Hay-Edie UCSD student film while he was interning at KBCH RadioTV in Del Mar, California. Anders – Caretaker, has continued on, walking through a complicated world that only knows, or accepts, growing economies by increasing populations – enlarging consumer bases. Hence, tomorrow will pay for today. Oh my, is there a economic realist in the house? Do we understand the biology of overpopulation? And what about this thing we call human nature? Music, vistas, iconic images, thoughtful questions and careful steps across ageless dilemmas. Catastrophe is man’s concept. Become one with Caretaker.
Take a hike with Caretaker videos and exercise your pedestrian power.

Mesmerize Yourself!

Marc shares with a mesmerized audience his studio, thoughts and spirit.
Marc painting and Anders photo

Marc Gould moves with a resourceful grace. Mesmerize Yourself visits his studio in Santa Cruz, California. Segments include a music performance by the Aptosians, Marc is a founding member, and a painting session with the Art Enemys, a partnership between Marc and his son Noah. Lifestyle choices, and a gift of gab, make Marc a consummate spokesperson for creativity.
There is no better time than now to investigate Mesmerize Yourself! videos. Enjoy!

Elemental – Lava Dogs and Dancers

Anders works on Scout as Yellow Chin offers encouragement.
photo-Cesar Espinoza

Welcome to the creative world of Anders. Three film segments spend time with Anders working on Mr. Fang, Lakeshore Dispute, and Blood Dog.
Attend an art showing of the Lava Dog and Dancers at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon. And a special feature includes clips from the legendary KBCH-RadioTelevision out of Del Mar, California. AtomicSonics performs Habitat and… the soundtrack. It is hard to imagine all of this action could fit on one DVD, but it does in moving color with stereo sound.
As time move on take a moment and visit Elemental videos, think sand in a martini glass.

In Search of Swamp Thing – PigMan, Doctor Dirt, Mad Dogs and the Aliens…

Somewhere in another place, far from anywhere, nothing is happening... until...
photo-Anders Tomlinson

Can it get any better than hanging with the gang that idolizes PigMan and his alter ego Dr. Dirt?
Aliens from Planet Serious joins forces with the Mad Dogs to solve a mystery that few knew existed. Special features include PigMan talking to God, PigMan campfire exhalations and an invention to die for… Switch – Cross! Music by the Aptosians.
Are you mammal enough to handle PigMan Videos? Doctor Dirt thinks you are.


Something for Everyone: Comedy, Music, Travel... Wacky & Wonderful

Some say KBCH RadioTV “shakes the hand of the family man and wags the family dog’s tail…”
and some say KBCH RadioTV “is easy to turn on and hard to turn off…”, that’s what she said.
Come experience KBCH RadioTV videos, and practice your eye, ear, laugh coordination.

Rhythm Tours

There is always more that we see or hear, Just ask Bob, he knows.
photo-Anders Tomlinson

Bob Ganey American Tourist does the fair, Ganey Brothers reunite, Environmental Reporter investigates a dairy, Buddy and Me take a walk, Bob writes a song and dances with old bones.
Pig Boy and Donna sing Don’t Fence Me In, Lizard Alley soundtrack and more, much more.

Inquiries for the Art Talk Talks Art film series, and artists, can also be sent to tule-lake.com

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