The Process Begins

Starting a new painting is a moment worth living. The only thing better for Anders is the moment of finishing a painting.

The great majority of paintings have started on panels, there is something about the surface’s initial smoothness and durability. Anders has two approaches. One is to prime the masonite panel with an ocher tinted special primer for smooth surfaces. The other way is use the primer as a painting – compositional – image devise, including creating texture.

6-01... This 14 x 11 inch canvas shows the ochre primer and first gestures.

First of the Sunlight series finished, and detail, 14 x 11 inches, acrylics.

Does Anders picture what it will be?… No…

Anders likes to avoid brushes on his beginnings. He uses mono-printing and various application techniques that more mimic nature than the hand of Anders. A painting does not start with a preconceived concept. It is a process of discovery and the willingness to accept what has transpired. These starts lend themselves to the school of surrealism, to create from a place other than the conscious mind. Here is a sense of liberty, individualism and creation.

6-01... These works start with monoprinting on white primed 20 x 16 inches, canvas

6-15... These paintings, now part of the Sunlight series, continue.

Does Anders understand when it is?… Yes…

As the paint is applied thoughts turn to concepts. The paintings above will be part of Morning – Kitchen series, 26 in all. The sun will be a major element. They will have painted borders. And they will be completed quickly. All of this is realized in the initial seconds of starting. And so it will be.

6-01... These 14 x 11 inch panels were painted black as the primer surface.

Mystery drives the journey… unfolding questions-choices are each a destination…

Working on black backgrounds is dramatic. Each of these starts have less than a minute accumulated working time. Each has a series of mono – printed elements that make up the image. The actual image area will be on average 7 x 5 inches.

6-01... Details from each of the panels.

And the detail begins to shape movement and meaning…

6-15... These paintings will have another pass before completion.

Each becomes a Journey and a Song…

6-25... There will be one more pass on these maturing Urboriginals.

And then they are Done…

Urborginal Horizon … completed 7-01-10.

There are sounds that are not to be heard, 14 x 11 inches, and detail, acrylics.

Urboriginal Food Chain … completed 7-01-10.

There are feelings that should not be shared, 14 x 11 inches, and detail, acrylics.

Urboriginal Social Mixer … completed 7-01-10.

There are aromas that will not be inhaled, 14 x 11 inches, and detail, acrylics.

To be continued, that is the nature of Anders painting.

©2010 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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