2013 Media

A bloom in four chapters … 1-9-13.

An agave century plant blooms in the font yard. To see more of this big story visit Bloom.

2012: a year in review … 1-6-13.

2012 in Review.

Urban Sanctuary … started 2 -25-13.

A portrait of a low water usage garden, flora and fauna, comings and goings…
And then there are the cats. To see more visit Urban Sanctuary.

Watershed Reflections Video Channel… 3-24-13.

To see more watershed videos visit Water Shutoff.

SonicAtomics Video Channel … started 3-20-13.

To see more music videos visit SonicAtomics.

Tule Lake Internment – Segregation Center … June – September 2014

Tule Lake Internment - Segregation film project featuring Jimi Yamaichi grows to 50 videos.

Tule Lake Internement film project grow to 50 segments.

My Face Was My Crime took up a couple of months of Anders’ video editing time. The film is starting to come together. It is a story that should always be told – it can happen to any people at any time.

Tule Lake Basin Vimeo Channel … September 2013

To see more Tule Lake basin related videos visit Life along the Oregon – California Border

Tulelake website revisited … November 2013

Anders tomlinson redesigned tule-lake.com website

Tule-Lake.com website was redesigned and is in the process of adding additional content.

tule-lake.com was started in 2004 and for the following three years weekly captured life and events in the Tule Lake basin and Klamath River watershed. 2014 will be a big content production year for this site.

Point Comfort Lodge website redsign … December 2013

Anders tomlinson designed a website for Point Comfort Lodge in Rocky Point, Oregon on Upper klamath Lake.

Website for a place of surrounded by natural wonders.

The owners of Point Comfort Lodge introduced Anders to the Upper Klamath Basin – working on this site was a small repayment for the experiences that Anders enjoyed along the Oregon – California border.

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