Movement, Moments and Magic

Tar Spirits, Tar Column and Tar Dance are 36 inches wide.

38 Art-Tars, moving and grooving in celebration of spirit and color, treat viewers with respect.
The series goals was too move the eye across the surface like a cultural pre-electricity arcade game and have bright colors heighten the visual excitement. These are as close to Kandinsky that Anders will get. A nod to Miro, Tobey, and Chagall, and many others, is in order.
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Waste not. Want not.

Bonding and Rebonding were cut from the same panel, each is 36 inches wide.

Recycles, 36 paintings strong, is one of Anders’ favorite groups of paintings. The first rule, each group has working rules and goals, was to use his collection of paint refuge and incorporate them into a series. Recycles become mixed-media pieces with all the media being his paint or tools. Another rule was to let the masonite panels show through layered washes and applied media. The water used for washes and cleaning brushes came from water collected as the shower warmed up.
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Notes from the Lofty Sportscaster.

Birth Moment and Passing Volcanos are both 24 x 36 inches.

Cosmic Migration is 30 paintings that began in 1995 on masonite panels, used as temporary ceiling panels, pulled from a construction site’s trash pile. Anders will let the viewer decide if his efforts reflect added value to what was headed to a land fill. To see more visit Cosmic Migration

Spirits dance at the confluence of two rivers.

Moon Princess, Laughing Spirit and Wind Princess are 31 x 28 inches.

The Chiloquin paint series is made up of 24 paintings divided into two themes, Marks and People. They took shape in Fine Books And…, the best used book store between Portland and San Francisco. Richard, owner and entrepreneur, took over the building after it was the the Klamath Tribes Administration office. This is big time Indian country.
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An illustrated psychological melodrama.

Destination and Anticipation, paintings by Anders Tomlinson, 24 x 24 inches, acrylics on masonite.  Photos by Anders Tomlinson.

Destination and Anticipation, an internal journey takes a first step.

Each of these acrylic paintings, unless noted, are on 24 by 24 inches masonite boards.
When one approaches the boards, which may have up to twenty layers separated by a clear coat finish, a sense of internal depth grows. Elements in these laminations will actually cast shadows depending on the light source. To see more visit Relationship paintings

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