Movement, Moments and Magic

38 Art-Tars, moving and grooving in celebration of spirit and color, treat viewers with respect.
The series goals was too move the eye across the surface like a cultural pre-electricity arcade game and have bright colors heighten the visual excitement. These are as close to Kandinsky that Anders will get. A nod to Miro, Tobey, and Chagall, and many others, is in order.

Tar Spirits, Tar Column and Tar Dance are 36 inches wide.

Large swashes of custom made color, spun atop textured backgrounds, begin the visual dance. Point – counterpoint, balance – counterbalance and marks – unmarks drive movement and directions. These may be the most dramatic of Anders surfaces.

Egg Man and Tars on Parade are each 36 inches tall.

Early Art Tars began in 1988. Studio stops along the way included Econdido, CA., Klamath Falls, OR., Tulelake CA., and San Diego, CA. The series was finished in 2009 except for a couple of large pieces that are currently on the work bench in progress.

Internal Cleaning, Mona Joy Jester and Trio Escaping Make an attractive triptych.

Texture triumphs dancing across the surface with carefree abandon. Music has a role in the Art-Tars. There are rhythms and colorful notes scattered across a score. Foreground elements are solos against a dense compositional tapestry. Art-Tars = Fusion.

Green Flash and Tar Drips are each 40 inches tall.

Anders thinks of his vertical paintings as power totems. Art-Tars are more than decoration, they are constrained momentum unfolding into perpetual motion. Inspired by nature they invigorate and motivate, “lower your stress levels…

Inter-snaking, Building Blocks, Rising and Tempest are all 48 inches tall.

Imagine a room full of Art Tars, in handsome frames, staring back at you. Can you see the music?

©2010 Anders Tomlinson.

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