Techno at Night

A pocket camera explores time and form.
Techo was a willing model for a photographic adventure in process for 25 years.

Complicated and Complex … 12 x 36 inches, digital print.

Walking with the light, Techno overlooks a panoramic three-sided relationship.

Moments … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Riding the carousel of life offers personal moments of reflection.

Hear and See … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

The ultimate 3-D defense sense is the lost, or disappearing, art of hearing.

Embedding … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Two identities conjoined on a karmic playground by intellectual explorations.

Immediacy … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Adapting to changes within her thinking, Techo envisions a symphony.

Awakening … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Safe within her sleep place, Techno re-invents world peace as a party favor.

Red Wave … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

It is so cozy inside the mind of an innocent awaiting jury duty.

Intertwined … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Another poem is beginning to take form just as the winds turned violent.

Maturation … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Responsibility massages all insecurities, amnesia heals all pre-meditations.

Cosmic Daydreams … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

Corporate dividends are directly deposited into her Ego's offshore account..

Looking Out … 16 x 24 inches, digital print.

The tribe within always has one reality standing guard while others do doing.

Behind the Process.

The abstract backgrounds were shot with a pocket Olympus X-A camera during the mid 1980’s. The shutter would automatically stay open for four seconds in low light situations. After the roll of 35mm Fuji asa 100 film was shot, the filmstrip was carefully rolled back to near the beginning and the process was repeated. Techno was shot, over the years, with various Canon 35mm cameras, along with the the X-A, against a black backdrop. In some cases the dark background was a black cloth or night in an undeveloped moonless landscape. In 2010 these images were scanned with a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000, and edited inside of Photoshop CS3 on a IMac. Big fun at every moment of the creative journey.
©2010 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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