Every painting that Anders has done has always been thought as an animation in progress as the painting was being produced. This spirit has a huge inventory of images to convert from boards to video and film.

Is it a painting, or is it a progression of animation stills?
The Dogs and Dancers were photographed and videotaped from their beginnings to completion. The soundtrack features music from Floatee and Lakecide, selections from Habitats and… by SonicAtomics.

The animation process has begun
This is Part One of a four part segment, A Short History of the Lava Dogs and Dancers Population Dynamics. This is how the animated projects will begin, with a basic storyboard. From here narration, character voices, music scoring, motion animation and form shaping begins. Let the animating begin. Music tracks by SonicAtomics.

©2011 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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