In a distant galaxy, in an eternal age, in a cosmic migration of sorts, there is a world shaped by the forces of Dr. Dirt and PigMan. Both observe the golden rule “smooze your enemy.”

PigMan is a character that is bigger than time, faster than light, and as nimble as a constipated hedge-fund manager. He wrote the book on turning human nature into a profit. He laughs when others cry and he cries when others make bank deposits. In other words he is a modern man in PigMan clothing. And what is with all those Aliens from the Planet Serious, seriously…

There are mortals and there are beings of another power, and there is PigMan.
Does it get any better than High Speed Country Bowling? Of course not. Pigman shows that he has more than good looks and sparkling wit, he is a galaxy-class athlete. PigMan began his entertainment career on The Many Adventures of Doctor Dirt. He then became a regular on KBCH Radio TV. Early next year his first major motion picture, In Search of Swampthing, will be released

The zen focus that PigMan brings to the links transcends daily tribulations.

Pigman is friends with all the international big boys. He understands human nature and uses it to his advantage. He also has a power over aliens who contribute cheap labor to his growing empire… And Pigman loves to golf.

To see a need and envision an answer that can be marketed is what makes “big deals” big.
And so PigMan sings, ” big deal here, big deal there, big deal everywhere, yah, yah yah…” The consummate entrepreneur, PigMan can scam man and nature. Always ahead of the curve, and beyond the horizon, PigMan invents gadgets that tomorrow will not be able to live without.

It’s hard to understand Christmas if all you know is taking, taking and taking.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow …” PigMan croons.
This is a behind the scenes peek of PigMan working with his Christmas trainer to master season carols. This is PigMan’s newest business venture. He had a dream that he would be hawking on late night TV his PigMan’s Xmas X-travaganza cd. His marketing campaign plans to kick off with a Memorial Day PigMan Sellabration Telethon.

The Aliens look to PigMan for substance, addictions and fulfilling his pursuit of greater profits.
What makes PigMan different from normal man? Is there such a thing as a normal man? Here, PigMan preaches to his squad of Aliens from the Planet Serious. Together, PigMan visualizes the borders of his empire expanding into new territory. And he is talking about something grander than land and cheap labor.

Religion in the eye of the beholder is the beholder in the eye of the religion.
Pigman crones his theme song as he crosses over to the other side guarded by the Anti-Shiva. PigMan talks about his relationship with God, and what God said to him. Keep in mind, PigMan believes God is his Pal, even if he plans to sue God.

Those who in the night cry “civic” abuse are targets and easy prey for PigMan in the day.
Big deals keep PigMan young and active. Making money the old fashioned way, using cheap labor and resources, is his modern health workout. So what do you think PigMan’s response will be to “stupid environmentalists” cry to save the bay? What do you think Peter said to Paul and what Paul said to Mary and?…

Laying his head back he sees himself in the clouds with money stuck between his teeth.
PigMan goes to high ground for needed personal introspection and recreational relaxation. Here, he can see for years. But even here, PigMan finds the lure of making big deals and forestry. It is as if all the ants are his personal assistants as they scurry across the earth and return with business leads. Ra-Ra-Ra.

Up close and personal with a Blue Face during its mating ritual dance.
The Blue Face, in this case Long-lipped Blue Face, are rivals of the Ironmasks. The Ironmasks lived on the dark side of Planet Serious and the Blue Face came from its sun side. Here, in the world of PigMan they share the same habitat, such is co-existence on earth.

The Ying and the Yang, the PigMan and the Dr. Dirt, the chicken and the egg.
PigMan and Dr. Dirt have a strange undefinable relationship. They are opposites of each other. They are antagonists. And they can be brothers. Marc Gould, who knows both on a level few others have reached, shares his insights on PigMan and Dr. Dirt’s Alien relationships. This is starting to sound kinky.

If one has the cosmically correct connectors, Tele-transportation is easier than thinking.

Marc Gould shares background on the mysterious metallic array at PigMan’s wilderness compound. How often do you hear the term Telluric Energy? Well, now you will if you watch this exciting episode in the life and times of PigMan. This presentation will be uninterrupted by advertisments courtesy of PigMan’s 24 hour Panic Call switchboard, which is sponsored by Switch-Cross. Operators speak all Alien tongues and will accept any karma cards.

At times, Good Spirits do bad things, and bad Spirits can do good things. It is all in the timing.
There is something going on here that hasn’t been see, or understood. The tales of PigMan and Dr. Dirt center around aliens, natural resource management and power struggles. But the big story, the real big deal, is all about image – intergalactic images that transcend time and space. Who is responsible for these cosmic icons?
To see more of these images visit Lightbuilders.com.

Consumption, like anything, is all a matter of degrees.
PigMan is found of saying he doesn’t wake up for less than $10,000. Dr. Dirt, on the other hand wakes up each day with appreciation, and hope, for the world that surrounds him. He goes shopping with joy looking for earth friendly bargains. Talk about contrasts.
And who is throwing the stones?

The videos above are but a drop in the Many Adventures of Dr. Dirt archival bucket.
More clips will be posted in the near future. In the meantime, keep in mind PigMan can change shape and form. At any moment, he could be making a big deal with you. And you would never know he had been in your wallet. Pigman is beyond cool.

In Search of Swamp Thing post card

Somewhere in another place, far from anywhere, nothing is happening... until...
photo-Anders Tomlinson

Can it get any better than hanging with the gang that idolizes PigMan and his alter ego Dr. Dirt?
Aliens from Planet Serious joins forces with the Mad Dogs to solve a mystery that few knew existed. Special features include PigMan talking to God, PigMan campfire exhalations and an invention to die for… Switch – Cross! Music by the Aptosians.

PigMan’s Xmas post card

PigMan, dressed as Father Xmas, entertains with his versions of seasonal carols.
photo-Anders Tomlinson

High Speed Country Bowling post card

This film includes European Magazines, a cult classic in search of a cult.
photo-Anders Tomlinson

Xmas for Nixon post card

Who was the man the Seventies loved to hate?

Who was the man the Seventies loved to hate and PigMan loved?
photo-Anders Tomlinson

PigMan is the King of cheap spinoffs, K.C.S.. So here comes a classic before its time with even more of everything that we have come to expect from PigMan.
Includes Extra Miler and never before seen behind the magic like Jeep, Tree, Tractor.
The ultimate blooper reel except these are not bloopers – these are bigger than 3D.

Modern Man walks his walk and does what he does... who is to judge?

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