Anders Tomlinson Painting Lava Dogs and Dancers

Art Talk Talks Art proudly presents preview clips from Elemental – Lava Dogs and Dancers.
Here is an opportunity to explore the patented processes of Anders at work, creating.

In the Beginning there were Ends.
This is the opening credits segment for Elemental: Lava Dogs and Dancers.
A brief historical overview of the Dogs and Dancers’
fate is presented.
Anders’ role in the film is also introduced.

Anders Uses Time as a Cosmic Umpire.
Here is the Big Picture of Anders and his art work: 43 years, 3,200 paintings, and 42
collections – groups – series. Narrated by Marti Krane with music by Joe Cordelle
and nature. Go inside the process and spirit of Anders at work creating.

Is it a painting, or is it a progression of animation stills?
The Dogs and Dancers were photographed and videotaped from their beginnings to completion.
The soundtrack features sections of Floatee and Lakecide from SonicAtomics’Lava Songs cd.

Printing Ink embellishes the color of his blood.
Anders has always appreciated the potential graphic arts can offer the masses when
combined with printing presses. Yes, the message can be the medium being the message.
Music is Amournicanus, a selection from SonicAtomics’ Lava Songs.

Some Children Go to Sleep Paint-less.
Anders paints with spirit and determination. Here, mistakes can’t be anything other than opportunities. Gob Patrol is a window into his creative soul. Music is from Float Me, a selection from the Lava Songs by SonicAtomics. It is time for Anders to paint the way he knows how to paint, the Anders way. Do try this at home but make sure you have a drop cloth.

There is too much paint. Time to start diluting.
Let no paint go to waste. Let no paint dry before its time. Take control of the paint and move
with confidence, Become Nature. Become the laws of the Universe.
And so goes the second phase of Gob Patrol. Music continues with Float Me, a selection
from Lava Songs by SonicAtomics.

Making a strong line while creating organisms.
Anders works on the Lava Dog Sister Blue. He discusses reenforcing lines by going over them
several times and the power of light against dark.

Much like making a giant quilt.
Anders continues working on Sister Blue, this time forming three related pets and sharpening
Sister Blue’s face. He follows the forms natural processes created on the board, no need
to think as he responses to the shapes and hinted lines.

Working on Lakeshore Dispute’s three family members.
A little background can go a long way especially when discussing the concept of
interspecies breeding. Anders uses genetics to model each of the characters faces.

Could be an ocean, could be a sky.
This segment of Anders working on Lakeshore Dispute ends with him getting ready to pull tape
and he can’t wait. It all starts with the fact that Lakeshore Dispute was problematic to work on.
Anders almost gave the painting to another artist, Marc Gould, to finish.
But then answers arrived and Anders continued on to the finish line.

Mr. Fang is a big fan of Mr. Anders.
Another day of painting, another day of realizing at the start there are no starts and at the end there are no ends. This clips features a parade of Mr. Fang and related mutations. “All for me and me for me…” is a favorite Mr.Fang saying.

The Legend of Textured Hollows.
Stippling, drop shadows and color seeking low ground within the textures of Mr. Fang. Anders continues to enhance this painting. There is no due date or proverbial dead-line.. There is only the moment when the board says. ” I am done…” It is Anders’ job to listen and look.

Another Day of Paint and Magic.
Anders finds painting to be a soothing, while challenging, endeavor. The number one rule is do not waste paint. That isn’t to say do not use paint, just make sure it is on a painting and not left on the palette. Mr. Fang continues to develop as little Fangs march on by.

Painting through a micro-burst.
Anders and Mr. Fang continue to grow together dot by dot, moment by moment… Living by his rules of three, Anders paints three lighting bolts into Mr. Fang’s sky.

It is Showtime for the Dogs and Dancers
Anders has his first art show in nearly 30 years. David Brefka, takes Anders on a
tour of the paintings as Dave shares his comments in a thoughtful review of the work.

Insight into the Anders Paint Process
Dave Brefka shares his observation on the way Anders works and his studios. These are the first recorded words of a human reflecting on an Anders painting. Music is by SonicAtomics.

Modern but they are not Quick
The Lava Dogs and Dancers took eight years to finish, They traveled to and from three different studios, and from California to Oregon and back twice. Most modern art is done in hours, not days or years. David Brefka felt that these paintings are part of the modernist tradition. Anders thought that the Dogs and Dancers filled out the walls nicely.

What choices do the Lava Dogs and Dancers have?
David Brefka observes that we may all be Lava Dogs. Here are creatures that can’t help but be. What choices do they, and us, really have? And then there is the Gathering Dancer which overwhelms David with a sense of sadness.

They are the Region
Anthro Dog and Muto the Juggler allow David Brefka’s imagination to fill in the pieces of this Lava Dog and Dancers’ cosmic puzzle. They own the region, they own the water. There is no taking of here away from them.

Where’s the Dispute?
Dave Brefka speaking on the Lava Dogs and Dancers, “they are from the region, they came from the elements”. He also mentions the political climate of Upper Klamath Basin in the 2000’s. The question becomes “what’s the dispute?”

Captured Elements
The Lava Dogs and Dancers capture the region’s elements, hot and cold, through the use of color, value range and mood. Somehow Matisse is mentioned along with the plight of mutants
by the host, David Brefka.

Sky and Ground, Voices and Credits… ( to be added)
Free spirits are grounded in the compositions each with an singular voice. This is where the ancients came and went. This is also a landscape unique to itself and features elements from nearly all other landscapes. Includes ending credits. In a corner, Denver Clay plays acoustic piano. Sadly, David Brefka passed away February 1, 2009.
Anders is grateful for the time, and times, he shared with David.

The Lava Dogs and Dancers spent a month at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon. They enjoyed the attention.

More clips featuring different aspects of Elemental – Lava Dogs and Dancers
will be posted over the coming days.

And so went the Lava Dogs and Dancers and so goes all creatures, big and small…

The index below will help one find what is on this large site that encompasses
Anders paintings, art videos, photography and web projects. Enjoy.

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