The biggest little TV show our galaxy has ever seen… or is it zany performance art?
The love child of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein, think of it!

KBCH RadioTV was Anders Tomlinson’s timeless brain child. Over the course of a four year – 88 episode production run Anders was joined by fellow producers Erik Villesvik, Dan Epsten, and Robert Ganey. The show was supported by a great crew of voice-over talent including Eric Villesvik, Dan Epstein, Mike Dale, Marti Krane, Ron Elliott, Ned Augustenborg, Jon Thomas, Robert Ganey, Donna Beckett, Tim Hay-Edie and many others. Interns from UCSD and the San Diego area also aided in this multi-media magic that showcased human nature. A fine time was had by all: comedy, music, art and travel. The following clips are from three episodes of KBCH Radio TV. Two of these, co-produced by Anders and Robert Ganey, the original Art Talk Talks Art shows, were written Anders. Clips from Fish Creek-Split Mountain were produced by Anders,
Robert Ganey and Gary Ruble. KBCH RadioTV – subliminal stimulation – easy to turn on… hard to turn off. And now we proudly present something kinda, not entirely, different…

Mr. Anders has two interpreters in his entourage who can not agree on his body language.
This clip demonstrates the ensemble creative effort of KBCH RadioTV. Here, Mr. Anders attends a press conference instead of visiting on F. Everett A. Payne’s award-winning community access art show, Art Talk Talks Art. Art Scope is the off-air-station-voice.

Life behind, and on, the camera, in the editing room, writing copy and making music.
Anders takes one behind the scenes and describes why and what a KBCH RadioTV
producer does. Let’s look at KBCH RadioTV plans, strategies and marketing slogans.

Ernie Kovacs spoke to Anders through a small black and white box many years ago.
In response, years later, Anders answered with KBCH RadioTV. 44 hours of this spirited comedy-music-travel show were produced at Channel 38 in Del Mar, Ca. The Fensmuir Line, Written by Anders, features the voices of Ron Elliott and Erik Villesvik. Bob Ganey is Lord Fensmuir and the RubberBand provides musical accompaniment. Sadly, both Erik and Ron have passed away.

Yet another Modern Art movement.
Modern times means modern art means modern art lovers exist. Anders is such a person,
one who has been influenced past 100 years of art. See the latest in petroleum art.
One raises the question does the affordability justify the cost?

Techno, the Artist’s companion, comes alive in a dynamic holographic display.
In the Five City Drive, home of KBCH RadioTV, there is only one name that means art and
that is Frames n’ Art. This video features a cross section of Mr. Anders’s 1980’s,
the What happened to what I can do for you? period.

Performance art is in the eye of the beholder of a brush or….
The White Dancers of Vundamar University perform Thomas Edison in the Desert,
(part 17)
. They are accompanied by the British – Iranian Friendship Orchestra.
KBCH RadioTV could be seen as performance art if you squint.

The Caretaker takes us on a low-water garden tour.
The world human nature has known is changing. The future is challenging. The human population is growing, the desire to consume is growing. Frontiers are disappearing. Natural resources are growing scarce. What will we do?

Anders, the humorist, can see into our future when he is not laughing at his past.
Lost Patrol, taped in 1993, riffs on of a newspaper article that announced new trends in mortgage lending practices. It seemed unbelievable to Anders what was being proposed, it could only lead to many folks losing their homes that they couldn’t afford to buy. 14 years later…

Big Ideas take Big Energy and Desire to Create and Succeed.
Fish Creek – Split Mountain in the Anza Borrego Desert is a special place. Power Flicks is a special approach to photography. Led by Gary Ruble a group of artists-musicians spend two camp outs creating long exposure night images. KBCH Radio TV is also there.

Majestic images of a majestic landscape.
Gary Ruble shares results from the Fish Creek – Split Mountain PowerFlick in the Anza Borego Desert. PowerFlicks are long exposure night photographs taken in remote locations of natural beauty.

To see more of these awe-inspiring images visit Lightbuilders.com.

Back in time and into the present.
Kit Nuzum’s underwater video takes us back several millions of years ago to see what it was like at Fish creek – Split Mountain. And then we are at a fashion runway show featuring Klaus, Omar and what’s his name.

It all comes together in the desert as the sun set.
Here we are in our karmic skins watching trans-dance spirit fish surrounded by floppy foots and doll domes. It is a cool space in a hot Anza Borrego desert.

Some Children Go to Sleep Paint-less.
Anders paints with spirit and determination. Here, mistakes can’t be anything other than opportunities. Gob Patrol is a window into his creative soul. Music is from Float Me, a selection from the Lava Songs by SonicAtomics. It is time for Anders to paint the way he knows how to paint, the Anders way. Do try this at home but make sure you have a drop cloth.

There is too much paint. Time to start diluting.
Let no paint go to waste. Let no paint dry before its time. Take control of the paint and move
with confidence, Become Nature. Become the laws of the Universe.
And so goes the second phase of Gob Patrol. Music continues with Float Me, a selection
from Lava Songs by SonicAtomics.

Pigman is a character that started on KBCH RadioTV and now has his own channel.
Does it get ant better than High Speed Country Bowling? Of course not. Pigman shows that he has more than good looks and sparkling wit, he is a galaxy class athlete. Pigman began his entertainment career on The Many Adventures of Doctor Dirt. He then became a regular on KBCH Radio TV. Early next year his first major motion picture, In Search of Swampthing, will be released. He now has his own Vimeo channel, Pigman TV. See more Pigman at Dirt.

Travel to a magical town in a wondrous landscape.
Travel is a big part of KBCH RadioTV. Alamos, Sonora, Mexico is one of the destinations visited by KBCH crews. This has become a 3 DVD set, Good Morning Alamos.
“Here is something Special”, Spanish explorer Vasquez de Coronado noted in 1540 as he headed north, passing by tall white rocks on Alamos de Sierra. This is the opening chapter to “A Short History of Alamos” written, filmed and edited by Anders Tomlinson, Narrated by Bruce Miles. Soundtrack by SonicAtomics and Estudiantina de Alamos.
You can see more of Alamos at alamos-sonora-mexico.com.

Two studios, two eras, two worlds: analog and digital.

The year was 1988 and near the art dance performance charts was the Simple Band’s ” I Think I’m Turning Siamese.” Joining the percussion driven performance was the legendary White Dancers of Vundamar. On this recording the Simple Band consisted of Anders, Denver Clay, Animal Johnson, Nicholas MacConnell, Bob Coppini, Mike Chrostini and Mike Broward.
Special effects lighting by Power Flicks and LightBuilders.
Produced in 1988 at the Stray Potato Tavern by KBCH RadioTV under the analog supervision, and editing, of Anders. Digitally re-edited and re-mixed in 2010 by Anders Tomlinson.

Back in the days when theaters were theaters
You are there. Join the KBCH RadioTV Beach Ball extravaganza at the pre-renovation Balboa Theater. The afternoon of music, images and dance starts with Denver Clay on keyboards and Michael Ganey on flute. Donna Beckett is the primary dancer and special images are provided by Gary Ruble’s LightBuilders.

Zany Duo produce a TV slice of life … Elizabeth Sinadinos

Ever watch television with someone who had a death grip on the remote control, the type that constantly flips from station to station? Your first reaction may be to rip the control away from the channel surfer. But if you are watching an episode of KBCH RadioTV you realize that the remote is on the coffee table under the TV Guide and the rapid – fire clips are part of the program. “It’s easy to turn on and hard to turn off,” said Robert Ganey of KBCH RadioTV. He and his partner Anders Tomlinson of Bob Tom Film & Sounds, produce the show for cable. “In this age of remote control, we beat the clicker,” Ganey said. He and Tomlinson have put together more than 40 episodes out of a dark, closet-sized studio at Channel 38 in Del Mar. The show can be seen by 700,000 cable subscribers in San Diego County. “We have a serious side,” Ganey said while wearing a baseball cap with a fish torso sticking out of the brim. “But we want people to know that this is a zany show.”

Bob and Anders making critical Bob Tom decisions in the studio. photo-Patrick

Both, while donning cardboard KBCH RadioTV badges, (because you gotta have a badge to work here), are crowded in among dials and knobs, TV monitors, shelves of video cassettes and various props used for the show. Tomlinson’s hands hurry across the control panel as he splices various clips for the show. “it’s the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein,” Tomlinson said. “think of it.” That combination is almost as hard to picture as the show itself. KBCH RadioTV advises viewers to “laugh, look ‘n listen,” which is probably the only thing you can do. The half-hour, comedy-music-art-travel show is a cornucopia of 30 to 60 second clips linked together by a theme that is stretched and twisted in whatever shape Tomlinson or Ganey want.

Bob Ganey American Tourist on the road at Crater Lake. photo-Anders.

An episode called the The Darkside of TV had more than 20 quips such as a talk show called Art Talk Talks Art, a character named F. Everett A. Payne, Bob Ganey American Tourist travel show, a mannequin named Techno and Rancho Plutonio real estate commercials.
“We’ve given ourselves avenuea,” Tomlinson said. “Each show is kept open. If we want to do some music we go to The Stray Potato Tavern in East Vundamar. Believe it or not, there is an underlying theme to KBCH RadioTV. The show takes place in the fictional “Five City Drive” and KBCH TV is the only station that reaches the town. Tomlinson developed the show based on the beach towns in San Diego County. “Five City Drive is a nebular thing for beach towns everywhere,” he said. “They all have the same things in common: tourism, colleges and water.”

Grainy newspaper photo of Anders shooting Doll Domes scene in the desert.

KBCH RadioTV has been a project of Tomlinson’s for a while, He is the artist in resence at Channel 38. He hooked up with Ganey, who is a musician, while produciung one of Ganey’s music videos at the station. “We’re both drummers, ” Tomlinson said. “I think, because of that we can support each other on multiple levels. Besides, we both edit with the beat.” Besides using a library full of video clips produced from their many other artistic pursuits, the KBCH gang uses music and words that occasionally run subliminal messages across the screen to punctuate the visuals. Ganey and Tomlinson said that the show’s biggest asset is that it offers something for everyone.

Here is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times about KBCH Radio TV

KBCH RadioTV is an often wacky, often topical look at local happenings and trends, with an ensemble cast of “characters” peeking at the community. It resembles, in a way, Monty Python does Charles Kuralt.

And then there’s KBCH, a weekly comedy that its producers liken to a local version of “Saturday Night Live”. The show centers around a tiny TV station in a mythical coastal community called the Five City Drive (which has only four towns), and spoofs just about everything that could happen in a seaside village of 5,000 residents. There’s Flounder Downs, the local race track that has had its problems with horses and drug abuse. There are the ads for Gino’s Muffler & Taco Stand that feature the nasal voice of Gino pushing his carne asada burritos, accompanied by slides of various local canines.

KBCH RadioTV producers Anders Tomlinson and Robert Ganey edit another
action packed episode at Channel 38, Del Mar, California. photo-Patrick.

The show has its own backup band, and its two-minute segments make ample use of home-produced slides, cut-out animation and childlike graphics. Operating on a shoestring budget per half-hour show, the people at KBCH laugh at themselves as they laugh at life in Del Mar.

The Simple Band was one of the musical bands that perform at the Stray Potato Tavern.
From left - Denver Clay, Animal Johnson, Sam Lopez and Anders. photo- Patrick.

( Music is the core to KBCH RadioTV. Most of the folks that contributed have interests in both sound and pictures. What better thing than their own broadcasting station? And their own club, The Stray Potato Tavern in Vundamar, “it’s a long drive but worth it.” )

The Ganey Brothers Band was another big draw at the Tavern. From left - Donna Beckett, Bob Ganey and Michael Cherry. Maia Hansen on camera. photo-Patrick.

A big part of the show is the creative juices that come from people just starting out in the business,” said co-producer Anders Tomlinson, a graphic artist who, like most other volunteers at Channel 38, has a day job to pay the bills. “The people involved with our show have never been told what can or can’t be done, like people at the commercial stations. The end result, the producers say, has been a studio willing to try things that aren’t happening anywhere else. Channel 38 is an opportunity to learn without all the constraints of the commercial world. Here, there are no limitations other than providing decency and taste to what you present.”

Denver Clay was KBCH TV's musical director from Once Upon a Tide on.

After more than 20 shows, people around Del Mar are starting to recognize Tomlinson, a senior producer at the fictional station. People who have seen the show say it’s special because it’s so damn innocent, like a bunch of kids working with ideas that would probably be discarded in any other television venue,” he said.

Local video is off to national film competition … Liz Swain, staff writer

( Anders was unable to attend this interview because he was involved at the time in top secret negotiations with Mr. Beach, owner of KBCH-TV. None of the other producers were aware of the staff cuts planned by Mr. Beach and won back by Anders. )

Del Mar – Field survivalist John Finney will probably explode about KBCH-TV’s standing as a finalist in the national Hometown Video Festival competition.
Finney, the camouflaged attired star of KBCH’s Border Report, will rant about the unexpected attention brought about when a program produced at Channel 38 Del Mar was singled out from the more than 2,000 entries received from 360 cities in 41 states. The locally produced program was named a finalist in the entertainment category by the National Federation of Local Cable Producers. National recognition may be nice but Finney is committed to maintaining the “territorial integrity” of the Five City Drive, a portion of Southern California that is unreal in more ways than just its fictitiousness. Programming reflects the character of La playa Del Mar, Vundermar, Emerald Bay and Portal Beach – no one knows what happened to that fifth city.

Ron Elliot, Dan Epstein and Erik Villesvik were key KBCH RadioTV creative forces.

Finney is a character played by Dan Epstein, one of the co-producers of KBCH TV the programed produced since 1988 at the Del Mar Communications Center. The lampoon of small- market television was created by head producer Anders Tomlinson. a Channel 38 artist- in- residence who produced, directed, fimed and edited Once Upon a Tide the Del Mar Historical Society’s video that looks at the past.

Portions of that tape of local historical photographs can be seen in Beach of Beachtown II: The Seagull, one of the serial films shown on KBCH. A regular feature on KBCH is the Friday Night Decolorized Movie. The classic, Bob’s Life as a Dog was included in the tape that netted the producers the finalist ranking in the video contest. The film was a doctored version of a black-and-white movie. Erik Villesvik wrote dialogue that was dubbed to chronicle one man’s quest to find happiness as a house pet.

Gar Unger, qualified, albeit well padded, survivalist, mat find the fifth city while filming his segment Out There. The show is taped on location “out there” – in that open land beyond the Five City Drive. Unger discovered the elusive long-playing record and elephants in the wilderness, why not another city? Unger is played by Erik Villesvik, Channel 38 studio supervisor and one of the three producers of KBCH TV.

The entry featured a compilation of KBCH-TV’s routines, a tape that regular viewers knew included a satirical programs, commercials and special interruptions that may be stopped by another special interruption.

KBCH TV production team in the Anza Borrego Desert shooting Fish Creek. From left - Dallas Clites, Jeff Clough, Anders, Techno, Kit Nuzum, Robert Ganey, John Farber,
Gary Johnson, Robert Harrington, Gary Kaeter, and Gary Ruble. photo-Gary Ruble.

Cultural programming on KBCH-TV includes the Earth Movers, an “industrial ballet” that featured heavy equipment. Commercials range from the woman in military fatigues touting Terror perfume to the spot for Sancho and Panza Windmill Repair. Most advertising sells products from Emerald Bay, a city so commercial that its Football team is called the Emerald Bay Merchants.

La Playa Del Mar is the hub of the Five City Drive and the site of the KBCH studio. The station is lauded by viewers for its traffic reports, which sounds like a description of air traffic patterns and looks like a souped up version of the drive down Camino del Mar at 15th Street when cars race across the television screen. Portal Beach is more of an industrial area and Vundermar could be compared to a tongue-cheek Solvang. The city is proud of its cheese queen and the political dinner known as the Pork Barrel Roast.

Something for Everyone: Comedy, Music, Travel... Wacky & Wonderful

Some say KBCH RadioTV “shakes the hand of the family man and wags the family dog’s tail…”
and some say KBCH RadioTV “is easy to turn on and hard to turn off…”, that’s what she said.
Come experience KBCH RadioTV videos, and practice your eye, ear, laugh coordination.

Human nature, what can you do? Snicker? Cry? Migrate? Listen? View? Feel?

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