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Welcome to the creative world of Anders. Here, various Anders websites, interests, products and projects are accessible: these include his paintings and art films at, several visits to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, his insight into the Klamath River Watershed and an in-depth portrait of Tulelake and surroundings. Last, but not least, are his Vimeo Video Channels. There are common denominators – human nature, every day is history and where there is life there is life.

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The video and photos were captured by Anders Tomlinson between February 24 and
March 6, 2017. The song “Rosas Alameñas” is by Samuel Delatorre Dorame from his
CD ” Memorias de Álamos.” This is a rough cut in progress. ©2018 Anders Tomlinson and
Samuel Delatorre Dorame, all rights reserved.

Goslings on parade swimming, resting and eating at Harriman Springs Resort and Marina
in Rocky Point, Klamath County, Oregon. Video and editing by Anders Tomlinson.
Music is “Rolling Spirits Land” by the Dig Brothers under the musical direction of
Denver Clay. ©2018 Anders Tomlinson and Denver Clay, all rights reserved.
Special thanks to Harriman Springs Resort and Marina for their assistance.

The Allied Garden’s evolution, 36 species of relocated/transplanted cactus – succulents,
and a geranium, are seen growing together a year later. This cactus-succulent village,
refugees from three continents, overlooks an asphalt river and its flow of human primates
inside their widely decorated four wheeled capsules. 2015 was a year of strange
San Diego weather: minutes, hours, days and months. The one constant was heat.
The garden grew on its own under the large podocarpus tree that supplied perennial
ground cover through drought and monsoons. To see garden’s first year visit Allied Gardens

The Peruvian Apple cactus was loaded with flowers coming and going. This cactus, which
is never watered, was a pre-dawn bee’s favorite for several days. Every night for eleven
days new flowers, as many as twelve, opened up and by midmorning they had closed.
Even the hummingbirds, in their infinite wisdom, took notice.
To see more of Anders’ garden visit 8611 – Water Smart

This features black & white film documenting Anders’ first visit to Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.
This is where his film Good Morning Álamos, Sonora, Mexico has its beginnings.
The project has grown over the years. To see more visit Álamos, Sonora, Mexico

Topsoil is the extreme upper part of the Earth’s surface, extending downward only 2 – 12
inches. It contains the necessary minerals and nutrients that living things — including
the plants that directly or indirectly support thousands of species — require. The visuals
represent a year, filmed between 2001 and 2008, in the life of the Tule Lake Basin, which
includes Merrill and Malin, Oregon and Tulelake and Newell, California. This is another
Sonic Succulent cultivated and harvested by Denver Clay and Anders Tomlinson, aka the
Dig Brothers. To see more of this remarkable landscape visit Tule Lake. To hear and see more efforts by Anders and Denver
visit SonicAtomics

Februrary 26, 2017: Yoreme Al-Leiya traveled from nearby Navajoa, Sonora for a special performance for the Daughters of the American Revolution who visit the Hacienda de los Santos in Álamos, Sonora, México twice a year. Anders Tomlinson had the privilege of documenting this colorful evening of dance, music, costumes and theatrical lighting. A wonderful time was had by all.

Music and images art one in the same to some people including Anders. Imagery includes
paintings by Anders along with his photos of Techno – Álamos, Sonora, Mexico – Mission
Valley and the Civita project – as well as Allied Gardens’ water smart front yard. Music
is grown by the Dig Brothers featuring Denver Clay, music director, and Anders
on drums. To see more of Anders Art visit Galleries

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Whenever Anders is asked who he is, he answers, “I am a direct descendent of the cave painter and drummer, a traveler on the third stone from the sun and a simple soul in a complex world… but aren’t we all?
When asked how he is doing, he responds, “I am at the top of my game.”

Thanks for connecting. Enjoy. Visit again, there is so much to see, hear and contemplate. Each day of wonder manifests new data to explore and entertain. Here, in this evolving world of Anders, change is not only good and necessary – it is everything.

©2010 – 2018 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.