Vimeo Channels for Anders Tomlinson videos.
Here is where all of Anders’ on-line videos can be been found in one place.
The current lineup includes the following Art Talk Talks Art films:
Elemental featuring the Lava Dogs and Dancers paintings by Anders.
Simply Living one the Caretaker films featuring Anders thoughts on Human Nature.
Mesmerize Yourself! featuring Marc Gould’s artwork and music by the Aptosians.
PigMan TV featuring Pigman and other characters from the Many Adventures of Doctor Dirt.
Farther and Sun with the ArtEnemys is a colorful expedition.

Other channels include
Alamos, Sonora, Mexico a cinematic portrait of featuring summer, winter and spring.
Klamath River Watershed part of a film project documenting farmland and natural resource management and water cut-off of 2001 issues.
Harmony Lost? features Bob Ganey contemplating modern times with song and curiosity.
Rhythm Tour hosted by Bob Ganey American Tourist. Paparazzi allowed. A passport to frivolity. Music without a Net. Grab some drumsticks and join in the fun.
SonicAtomics shares videos of Lava Songs and other musical projects.
KBCH RadioTV is full of zany, there’s a word that is not used enough, timely clips that capture small beachtown Southern California back in the day.
Howling with the Gods coming soon is a Mad Dog’s reflections on the days he shared time and space with Aliens from the Planet Serious.
8611 is a portrait of an urban lower-water-usage garden and a neighborhood’s overpopulated cat colony.
Tule Lake Internment – Segregation Camp is a look back with Jimi Yamiachi, and into the future, of an American Moment.
2001 Water Shutoff studies that events leading up to and after the 2001 water shutoff of the Klamath Reclamation Project.
Future Water looks at water issues effecting the Southwest.

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