Upper Klamath Basin Timelines

These timelines focus on events in the Upper Klamath Basin and water related events throughout the Klamath River Watershed.

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Klamath Basin Timeline: Before 1500 … Islands, Mountains, and People

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1500 – 1839 … England, Spain, Russia

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1840 – 1859 … Trappers, Gold and Trails

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1860 – 1869 … Applegates and Captain Jack

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1870 – 1879 … Strongholds and Swamplands

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1880 – 1889 … Klamath County and Newspapers

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1890 – 1899 … Merrill, Flour and Potatoes.

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1900 – 1909 … Steamboats and Locomotives

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1910 – 1919 … Automobiles and Movies

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1920 – 1929 … Recreation and Refuge

Klamath Basin Timeline: 1930 – 1939 … Depression, Sporting and Tulelake

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1900 – 1949… Automobiles, Reclamations, Trains, Farming

1950 – 1999… Timber, Ranches, Boomers

2000 – Present… Legislation, Court decisions, Science Studies

Modoc Indian War… Indians, Settlers, U.S. Army

Bill and LoEtta Cadman, Ina and Roy Reed, Pat McMillian, William Brady, Andrew Ortis, John Pratt, Art Eggleston, Rob Crawford – Crawford Farms, Bev Wampler, Gayle and Chuck Jaynes, Richard Kopczak and Cindy Wright are some of the many folks that allowed access to their libraries and, or, shared information to help Anders compile this timeline.

About the Timelines
This timeline project started, during the winters of 1996 and 1997, in wood-stove heated cabins at Point Comfort Lodge and Harriman Springs Resort and Marina in Rocky point, Oregon. At this time, the focus was on events surrounding Rocky Point and Upper Klamath Lake. I had no televison during two long, cold and snowy winters. The timeline project became old-time entertainment.

Over the next couple of years the timelines expanded to include all of the Upper Klamath Basin from Crater Lake to the Lava Beds: Rocky Point, Fort Klamath, Chiloquin, Linkville-Klamath Falls, Merrill and Malin, Oregon as well as Tulelake and Newell, California.

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The 2001 Klamath Project water shutoff created an interest to comply information on the entire Klamath River Watershed. Events do not happen by themselves, they are part of a flow of events – one leading to another.

1850 – 1889 … A growing need for irrigation and power

1900 – 1949 … Reclamation & Realization

1950 – 1999 … Big projects & legislation

2000 – present … Times they are a changing

These Califoria Water timelines above are complied from Imperial Valley, San Diego, Metropolitan Water District – serving all of Southern California, Monterey, Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco and Hetch Hetchy, Central Valley, Klamath River, Upper Klamath Basin and Colorado River timelines.

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Álamos, Sonora, Mexico Timelines … Álamos is at the southeast corner of the Great Basin & Range, Klamath County is at the northwest corner of the Great Basin & Range. Both Álamos and the Upper Klamath Basin are rich in history, wildlife and natural ecosystems.

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