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Lost languages icon image. Building Off a Natural Event. Acrylics-watercolor paper, 18 x 24 inches. Photo by Anders Tomlinson. Lost Languages
A large series, 56, of acrylic on watercolor paper paintings. Each is either a 24″ x 18″ or 20″ x 16″ sheet. These works freely flow with colorful movement.
Cryptic marks speak of other things, other places, other times. Lost Languages begin with gesture. Physics dictates form. Anders watches with profound amusement. He listens.

Gun Slinger, icon for Sun Light painting series, painting by Anders Tomlinson. Photo by Anders Tomlinson.Sun Light
This series, painted and completed in 2010, are acrylic on canvas. Energy is always there, coming and going with the solar breezes and beyond – way beyond to the very beginning and to the very end. All we can say is “we are here.” We always wonder are we here alone in space, riding this cosmic beachball, surrounded by dark energy and light years?

Rising Tide Moves All Species, painting by Anders Tomlison, 16 x 20 inches, acrylics-watercolor paper.  Icon for Apocalypse series.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.Apocalypse
This large acrylic-watercolor series has been documented in detail during the creative process. The intention is for Apocalypse to become an animated clip illustrating the concept of “where do we fit into the scheme of things and time?” We are watching what were considered as unchanging change. Are habits are seen by some as our undoing.

art tars icon, paintings by anders tomlinson.  photos by anders tomlinsonArt Tars
38 Art-Tars, moving and grooving in celebration of spirit and color, treat viewers with respect. The series goals was too move the eye across the surface like a cultural pre-electricity arcade game and have bright colors heighten the visual excitement. These are as close to Kandinsky that Anders will get. A nod to Miro, Tobey, and Chagall, and many others, is in order.

recycle paintings by anders tomlinson icon Recycles
First rule of Recycles, 36 paintings, was to recycle his paint refuge and incorporate them into a series. Recycles became mixed-media pieces with all the media being his paint or tools. Another rule was to let the masonite panels show through layered washes and applied media. The water used for washes and cleaning brushes came from collected shower warm-up water.

warrior paint series by anders tomlinson icon Warriors
These are a few of several hundred paintings, mostly on masonite, where Anders has left a human form to draw upon our attention. These cartoons have souls born of lyrical abstract impressionistic roots: head and shoulders, freaks and demons, flora and fauna, conspiracy and conjoining. These have steady eyes focused on the viewer. At night they talk to each other.

character-icon Characters
We come and we go: phone numbers in the dust, selfies in the wind. These are a growing group of acrylic “portraits” on canvas. Shot scales may vary but the characters are always present and driven from here to there, and back again, with imaginative brush work. These are quiet characters. They may appear to be alone but they are never alone.

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