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You search for AtomicSonics, I search for SonicAtomics. No matter what we search for, in the near future, all of us will arrive at the same website. This was a fancy way of saying a new site is being developed and this page will link to SonicAtomics, or and AtomicSonics, when they are up and running. For now, welcome to the world of SonicAtomics.

Sonic Succulents

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Lava Songs
This was the first product being presented to the public featuring the audio collaborations of Denver Clay and Anders Tomlinson. Within all living creatures, including the earth itself, there are fires burning, the fires of life. Coming soon is a music project that features selected Denver Clay Dr. D’s Ditties accompanied by wildlife refuge, farmland, and urban sound-shapes. These audio stews are stirred and mixed by Anders Tomlinson. Lava Songs are ready to be listened to and enjoyed. We are all in this together.

Here is an example of Denver and Anders song notes combined with several short audio clips from 11 – Lakecide 8:26, one of the project’s sixteen tunes – each an audio adventure. Welcome to the Lava Songs.

Lava Songs videos

Packaging art for Lava Songs

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