Thoughts on why and what Anders paints

All of my work is related because they are all part of one long continuous process.
Advancement, painting by Anders Tomlinson, 15 x20 inches, acrylics-watercolor paper.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.Each painting is part of a family that is part of a series that is part of a particular studio’s production. A good place to see Anders’ recent photos and artwork is Anders Art on facebook All of these paintings are important to me. To see a typical year’s production visit 2014.
Here, day by day new pieces, most finished, some underway, are posted. To see Anders art and Art Talk Talks Art videos visit his This site offers an in-depth look at the image progressions and documents other creative events going on at the same time as the paintings. All is one, one is all… living and learning by doing and understanding. Painting provides a safe space where Anders is in control of all his choices and decisions. This is a special space – time stands stills as the moment reigns superior over his, and ours, universe.

I do paint for viewers, including myself. I must be entertained. I must believe in the surface, feel the paint, explore the textures and refine the icons. Everything needs to come together as one image, that is enough statement for me. There it is to be seen and taken control of by the viewer, it is now their experience.

Any Who, painting by Anders Tomlinson, 30 x 48 inches, acrylics-masonite. Photo by Anders Tomlinson.I paint transitions, movements, mitigations, evolutions, infinities, relationships and elements. Common to my work are celebrations of a timeless recirculating gaseous goo feeding all of existence. I do not paint leaves in the wind. I paint particles riding on the currents that move a leaf. I paint small things, cells, and large things, expanding space.

An elderly Asian woman came up to me one day as I was painting and said, “I know what you are doing. You are painting under the water and the heavens above.”I smiled and answered, ”and a little of Asia.”.“She quickly responded, “Bali,” and walked away like only an elderly woman can.

I paint with enthusiasm and purpose. Here, I can be any element, motion, mood and,
in the same instant, both a modern and ancient man. Torn Column, painting by Anders Tomlinson, 36 x 48 inches, acrylics-masonite. Photo by Anders TomlinsonTime goes on with out my notice for I am absorbed in an universe of my own making. Here, I am in control and control can be the process of letting go of control.

My painting is reflective, expeditionary, sequential and sensing the next notion.
It is all about grasping a bigger story- a better painting. I paint, I remove paint.

There is a continuity that occurs in the paint studio: music in the background, dabs of color on a coffee can lid, brushes at hand along with an intelligent and subconscious pursuit to make these pieces right-whole-expressive. I have been here before and I will be here again.

Painting is natural to me. I manipulate images created yesterday or twenty years ago.
This is a recorded journey, time and matter expressed- matter matters. Everyday is a
beginning, every moment is my art’s future and past, why not paint? Decades of accumulated silence, in conversation with these heavy boards, has enhanced my well-being. Again, why not journey?… All in a day, Anders.

The Message is the Medium is the Moment
Anders Tomlinson is a complex and complete artist that merges different creative disciplines into story telling. Fire and Rock, painting by Anders Tomlinson, 36 x 48 inches, acrylics-masonite.  Photo by Anders TomlinsonWith a curious nature Anders explores process as he works freely with color, graphic design, sound, video, photography and words. It is Anders Tomlinson’s goal to have his work shown. There are many groups that are complete and ready for exhibition. If a gallery was interested in a particular group, such as Recycles or Cosmic Migrations, Anders would sand their finish coats and take one last pass. Welcome to the Anders process that can span decades with a single brush stroke.

Welcome to his work bench. A typical week will have at least twelve paintings in progress. Anders averages two to three completed paintings a week. See Anders Paints for more background on his paint process. John Coltrane Contemplating Energy, painting by Anders Tomlinson, 24 x 36 inches, acrylics-canvas. Photo by Anders Tomlinson.Visit Anders at work in his studio and see the 2010 art and 2011 art he finished. These were very good years. And his work is only getting better. This is his reward for the accumulated years of studio exploration and accomplishment. He accepts the world. It is what it is. Anders embraces the unknown. Not all questions need to be answered. Subject, composition, color and mood evolve with experience gained over time. He has become a cosmic tour guide creating marks for other to decipher. This is an intended partnership. The many poetic readings of Anders paintings fascinate him. He is always in agreement with the observer’s conceptual ownership. He leaves images and viewers give him back dreams that tickle his surrealistic funny bone. Why argue?

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