Tulelake, California

Welcome to the Tule Lake Basin

This pan, north to south, looks east from the top of Sheepy Ridge. At the start one is looking north along Sheepy Ridge towards Merrill, Oregon. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Headquarters is seen below. The pan takes in Malin, Oregon, and Tulelake, California. Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Tule Lake are seen along with Horse Mountain and The Peninsula (aka Castle Rock). Newell, California is across the basin to the east. It was the site of the Tule Lake Internment – Segregration Center. The pan ends looking south along Sheepy Ridge towards the Lava Beds National Monument and Medicine Lake Highlands. This pan includes portions of Klamath County, Oregon along with Modoc and Siskiyou County, Czlifornia.

Tulelake, California
Anders Tomlinson spent years filming farmland and wildlife refuges surrounding Tulelake, California. He started the Tule-Lake.com website in late 2004. In 2008 Anders designed eight square panels, each 48 inches tall, for a community rest-stop at the intersection of Highway 139 and Tulelake’s Main Street. These panels clearly showcase places and things one can enjoy if they leave the highway and explore the surrounding landscape. They are a wonderful graphical overview of things that make Tulelake, California what it is, truly a crossroads in history.

On the website there is a photographic Year in the Life study of Tulelake and surroundings along with an overview of the Klamath River Watershed.

southeren welcoming panel on the tulelake, ca rest stop
Here is California’s beginning or end depending on the direction one is driving.

All of this within 39 miles from this rest stop
all the attractions - destinations within 29 miles of the tulelake, california rest stop
The adventure begins as history comes alive off the beaten path.

You are here, standing at a Crossroad in History!
history panel at the tulelake, california rest stop.
For 12,000 years humans have roamed this land.

This is the second Reclamation Project as the USA looked to expanding west
klamath reclamation project display at the tulelake, california rest stop
In the beginning the challenge was removing water.

Visit the largest concentration of bald eagles in the lower 48 states
tule lake and lower klamath refuge display at the tulelake, california rest stop. designed by anders tomlinson
Lower Klamath was the first national waterfowl wildlife refuge.

Many naturalists list the Klamath Basin as “Best for West Coast Birding”
heart of the pacific flyway display at the tulelake, california rest stop.
Almost 500 species visit or live these refuge-agricultural lands.

A magical place, well worth visiting any time of year
lava beds national monument display at tulelake, california rest stop. designed by anders tomlinson.
Explore North America’s greatest concentration of lava tube caves.

Some of the first steps to land on the moon were here.
medicine lake highlands panel at the tulelake, california rest stop. designed by anders tomlinson.
The Volcanic Legacy All-American Road runs through here.

The largest Volcano in California:
24 miles in diameter, 150 miles in circumference

medicine lake panel at the tulelake, california rest stop. designed by anders tomlinson.
750 square miles of landscape is covered with lava flows and forest.

The Little Rest Stop with A Big Story
tulelake, california rest stop designed by anders tomlinson.
These eight panels share epic tales and wondrous landscape destinations.

To see more of Tulelake and surroundings visit tule-lake.com.

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