Little Red, the Interloper, yawns while resting near a succulents patch
Little Red yawns while resting in the garden.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
My, what big teeth you have Little Red, good for catching birds and things.

Little Red hears something moving in the bush
Little Red sitting in the shade on a low water stepping stone.
The garden offers shade from the sun and places to steal away unnoticed.

Little Emma, sweet Emma, life did not start off easy
Liitle Emma was a cat my mother saw eating bread crumbs she left outside for the birds.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Emma was a starving neighborhood kitten who discovered bread crumbs left for birds.

Emma rests in a spot worn bare by other cats
Emma resting in a spot worn bare by other cats over the years.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Emma never took to strangers, she was Emma, the scaredy-cat.

Video of Emma: Life in the garden

Meet Emma the cat, she was a little hunter who spent much of her time in trees.
She did seem at ease with a camera’s attention. Music by SonicAtomics.

Mocha relaxes in the sun, her favorite place
Mocha relaxes in the sun with rocks, dirt, cactus and an olive tree trunk.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.,
Mocha’s presence showcases the diverse landscaping devices and plants.

Mocha is ever alert when outside, she comes from a world of predators
mocha laying on the patio listening to garden sounds.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
From the relative safety of the patio Mocha listens to all the garden sounds.
Mocha traveled with Anders from Klamath Falls to Tulelake and finally to
the San Diego garden.

Two friends who came together late in their lives
Mocha and Emma sit together in the garden's patio roof.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Mocha and Emma, two old girls brought together to share their remaining days.

Big Red, the battle scarred old male
Big Red, an old male who often sported fresh battle wounds.  The garden's east side after rains.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
The feral, or semi-feral male cats, fought each other to slow deaths.

Ice plant and succulents shine after a rare rain
Ice plant and succulents plump up, stand tall and shine after a rare rain.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Plants along the narrow eastside walkway plump and rise up with moisture.

Big Foot was a feral dominant male that came to the garden each day
Big foot, a dominate male feral cat, took on the garden as his own.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Big Foot rests surrounded by dirt, brick, stone, cactus and succulents.

Big Foot during an up-close and personal moment
Big Foot, in a garden detail, uses a brick as his pillow.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson
Big Foot wandered the neighborhood and spent much of his time here.

A young Snoopy the Cat hunts in the bottle bush
Snoopy the Cat climbs in the bottle bush tangled, enticed by bird calls.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Bird calls and flittering draw Snoopy up into the bottle bush tangle.

Snoopy, two years later, now the dominant female, at home in the garden
Snoopy the Cat is now the most regular visitor to the garden.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.
Snoopy is now the most seen garden cat during spring, summer and fall.

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