Alamos, Sonora, Mexico
Anders Tomlinson reviewing his day's notes on a summer evening in the plaza, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  Photo by Antonio Figuerroa.
Anders Tomlinson, as a boy in Southern California during the 1950’s, would step out of his family’s drive way and stand on El Camino Real, the King’s Highway, and look both north and south. His imagination took over, where would this road, in either direction, take him? He would eventually travel El Camino Real to its northern end in Petaluma, California.
In 1983 a friend, who had family in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, invited Anders to come along for a spring time visit. The journey was magical, traveling across the Sonoran Desert under a warm star filled sky while listening to an all-night radio broadcast of Jethro Tull. Arriving in Alamos during predawn hours was arriving in another land… another era… another spirit. Here civilization straddles wilderness.

Several trips to Alamos over the years followed. In the summer of 1997 Anders arrived from an ongoing film shoot in Klamath Falls, Oregon. View of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico looking east towards the Sierra Madres.  Photo by Anders TomlinsonA couple of weeks later, he was invited to a former Alamos government official’s home and his personal history library. Anders came across a 1890 mining journal describing Alamos as the southeast corner of the Great Basin and Range and Klamath Falls as the northwest corner. Eureka! Anders knew he had meandered into a project chronicling the multiple connections between these two regions. The nature of Anders’ film projects is to return to specific locations throughout the years to document passing time. More can be seen at and

2009 thru 2012 have been important years for this project. From the end of 2009 to early spring 2010 editing took place on a prototype DVD collection, Good Morning Alamos. View of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico from the north with Sierra de Alamos behind the townStarting In March these Alamos videos were re-edited and have been posted on the newly created site. In middle of January 2011 work began on the
Daily Journal
. Everyday since a photo has been posted with a short commentary. These efforts will assist script writing for the next stage of editing and post-production of Good Morning Alamos. Scanning and archiving slides continue.

These words are from the Good Morning Alamos DVD cover, “Tucked away in a picturesque valley settled into Sierra Madre foothills is an enchanted Shangri-La that sings of other eras. Past, present and future come together effortlessly as one walks down hand-swept cobblestone streets beneath eternal blue sky…”

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