Lava Songs video

Overwhelms Us and Make Us Crazy

Geese, birds, nature… The Soundtrack of Life. The universe is made of vibration.
The world we live in is filled with musical sound / soundful music. Within it we
find all the elements of what we generally consider to be music. Rhythm and counter
rhythm, melody and counterpoint, a tonal center, harmony and dissonance, tension and
release, dynamics- loud or whispering, densely orchestrated and layered or elemental
and simple. And on and on.

Solitary Soundscape

Oh those were the days when the fields were without development and the light
traffic on sparsely traveled roads. This was back when life was more rural.
Back when the demands, across and throughout 360 degrees, were less. Back when
when was when, not a moment, a half-a-second ago, from the other side of the world.
Amournacana is dense, mysterious and longing for something that is not now.
The world might be a better place if we all understood sorrow is universal.

Swallowed Up by the Primeval Enormity of it All

Woven subsonic layers of shifting drone tones, doppler shifted automobile
drive-bys and airline flyovers, a couple of guest jet fly-overs, finches,
scooters, frogs,pedaltone resonant filter sawtooth synth sweeps, ambiguous
low frequency white noise, sparkling effervescence, and pulsating wave
sequence arpeggiations. Extensive spacial processing custom programmed
reverbs and delays, impart the sense of being within some vast, cavernous,
cathedral-like palace of the gods. You may feel swallowed up by the primeval
enormity of this track.

Rumble of Youthful Exuberance

Some things move across time like drifting continental plates. Some things
move with mystery like the secrets unlocking doors behind which Bliss
softly whispers ” I am here”. Float-me is all about shifting forces that do
not allow easy recognition, what fun would that be? Orangutans enter and
depart as guest interludes, bridges from nowhere to everywhere. We are here
and there is there.

Gets Me Going Every Time

We hear the evolution of man with the support of surrounding flora and fauna.
The names of the tracks that collaborate with Denver’s piano color and add
meaning to the piece: Volcano Voices 2 & 5, Dog Barking, Cluck a Duck: Bad Bird,
Pan Flooding, Lobby Voices, Silver-Hairs Talking, Plane Crickets.
The audio collage tickles our imagination.

High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech

This is an exquisite sparkling living breathing sound scape space. Textures
and undertones, ripples and waves, air and atmosphere. Enveloped by the sounds
of a fertile secret world, teeming with flourishing nature. Instruments think
they are birds or creatures. Creatures think they’re instruments. Expansive
and rich in harmonics and motion textures, it shimmers and resonates across an
all-inclusive world stage.

Delicate Bed of Distant Murmuring

Floating upon a delicate bed of distant murmuring humans and birds…
Another spin on Farmland Theme on Yamaha baby grand – Merrill, OR, 2004;
solo violin overdub on Yamaha Motif XS8, San Diego, 2009. Pianos and farmland
go hand in hand. Sky scenes are from the Urban Sanctuary garden.

Magma Memories:
This is a collection of 16 tunes that came together through a melding of time and space.
They are presented here as three libraries within the project.

Piano with a View… six digital and acoustic piano pieces.
Atmosonics… five tone poems with a bite.
Simplexity… five everythings including the kitchen sink.

Lava Songs:
Piano with a View
Nourish … Just surrender to the virtuosic universe, and immerse…
Pianomomento … Floating on a delicate bed of distant murmuring humans and birds…
Wishy-WashyFarmer In The Dell reinterpreted on the Yamaha baby grand…
Fantasee … This is one of Denver’s all-time favorites from his library…
Angerlee Wangsdt … Music is excerpt from song Wonderlone created in 1989…
Under-OutLava Songs’ epilogue begins with The Perfection of Simplicity…
Over-Into … The world we live in is filled with musical sound / soundful music…
Fangalina Riffa … Blended syncopation and layered with rhythmic percussion section contributors, man and nature…
Cistern Blues … Straight ahead mainstream chaos with a heart…
Triology … Mother Nature is one creative diva in this surrealistic sound-scape…
Davey Crocket’s Dream … The universe is always ready to play with you, you just need to be loose and playful and open to all outcomes…
Floatus … You may feel swallowed up by the primeval enormity of this track…
Float-Me … The “Rumble of Youthful Enthusiasm” envelopes and sustains…
Floatees … This is an exquisite sparkling living breathing sound-scape space…
Lakecide … Beautiful and gentle, yet it sweeps us up and propels us along powerfully on this journey like a small raft floating down a mighty river on its journey to the sea…
Amournacana … Tone poem of an anonymous loner serving out life’s remaining days somewhere on the frontier of earlier Americana…

©2013 Anders Tomlinson and Denver Clay, all rights reserved.